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When Can Your Kid Go On Facebook?

Something funny happened on the shuttle bus at the recent BlogHer convention in Chicago. A group of moms were talking about our love of Twitter vs. the uses of Facebook when one mom piped up with this stunner, "My daughter likes Facebook a lot more than Twitter." Everyone stopped for a moment, in shock, because we knew that her daughter had only started elementary school a few short years before. In fact, her 8-year-old daughter had her very own Facebook account. Also, we all wondered, does she have her own laptop? Or smart phone?


Setting aside the actual guidelines Facebook has for that (it's 13, for those of you wanting to enforce the rules at home) it got us talking about what we do, and do not, allow our children to do when it comes to technology. After all, as soon as your toddler can speak, she can ask for "iPhone," no doubt.

So we want to know from you, the moms of the world, what are you allowing (and forbidding) when it comes to your kids and gadgets? Fill out the poll, spread the word, and we'll report back to you about the wacky world of kids and technology.

Add any other thoughts in the comments below!

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