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So Jessica Simpson Let Her 5-Year-Old Wear a Bikini, What's the Big Deal?

Photograph by Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson, 36, was slammed yet again on her Instagram page for posting an adorable picture of her 5-year-old daughter, Maxwell, sporting a bikini, sunglasses and a super cute pose. You can see just how happy and free this girl feels.

Commenters told Simpson she was "sexualizing" her daughter and the photos were highly inappropriate and should not be posted on social media.

From where I sit, the only thing inappropriate are the people accusing her of doing something wrong. When my daughter was one, I bought her a very similar bikini—it had two tiny triangles on the top and ties on the sides. She was in love with it and it was all she wanted to wear one summer.

I have several pictures of her splashing around in her kiddie pool, playing with the dog and picking flowers wearing something she loved. I never once thought I was sexualizing her by purchasing it and letting her wear it instead of clothes for weeks at a time while snapping pictures of her. Nor would I think any other mother was doing this by letting their daughter wear a swimsuit or little dress.

Should we just stop taking pictures of our kids at the beach now because we may be shut down by people who have nothing better to do than ridicule our innocent, very normal choices? Hell, no!

They are kids and they want to feel physically comfortable AND good about themselves, just as adults do. There is nothing sexual going on here.

I'm sure they never took of picture of any of their kids in swimsuits, right?

Interestingly enough, there were more women that came to Simpson's defense and saw the photo for what it was—an adorable little girl having fun and feeling good about herself. One commenter nailed it when she wrote, "Judgmental moms are the new mean girls... your daughter is adorable and these women need to grow up."

I could not agree with her more.

Judgmental moms are the new mean girls and I find it sad they have nothing better to do than accuse another mother of sexualizing her daughter. I'm sure they never took of picture of any of their kids in swimsuits, right?

Another commenter sees the bigger picture and wrote, "I think she's adorable. I didn't even see the bikini, just the girl having fun." Exactly, because that is all it was—a girl in a bikini having the time of her life.

This is what we all want for out kids, no matter their size, shape, what they are wearing or how they are posing. We want happy kids who are enjoying their childhood, and when there is a sweet moment that showcases that, we want to take the damn photo and that was all Simpson was doing.

She's a mom enjoying a day of sunshine with her kids being active. Period. Her intentions are innocent and those who accuse her of crossing the line or trying to make her daughter appear "sexy' for the camera are the ones with the a problem.

And I have to say, if things like this offend you, I think staying off social media instead of shaming another mom is a good cure.

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