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Selma Blair: 'I Just Can't Lose the Baby Weight'

Mandatory Credit: Photo by BEImages/Gregory Pace (1692126p)
Selma Blair
Christian Siriano show, Spring Summer 2014, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, New York, America - 07 Sep 2013
Photograph by BEImages/Gregory Pace

Celebs—they're just like us! Er ... well, sort of.

This week, Selma Blair admitted to Cosmopolitan that all those pregnancy pounds she put on with son Arthur two years ago are still very much hanging on for dear life. And it's all due to her complete and unabashed love of all things food-related. (We feel you, Selma, we feel you.)

Chatting with the mag right before Christian Siriano's Spring 2014 show at New York Fashion Week, the actress said she'd committed one of those cardinal celeb "don'ts": she ate a pretty hefty meal before arriving.

"This is why I can't lose my baby weight," she admitted, before going on to list—in detail after glorious detail—just all the yummy things she ate before coming to the show. "I ate crepes, I ate French toast, I ate an ice cream cone, I had french fries, and three hamburgers!" she said. (Mmmm our mouth is watering.) "Then I'm going to go and have a full dinner with my son. Then I'll go out again tonight."

She says the constant eating is mostly due to the fact that she always feels hungry, and wishes her ravenous appetite would just tone it down already. But it doesn't exactly sound like that'll be happening any time soon. "It's terrible and I don't like what it does to my body," Blair told Cosmo. "Believe me, because I'm not one of these people that's like, I can eat whatever I want, whenever," Blair explained.

Now, this was the point in the interview that we started to get a little skeptical. And then we caught this photo of her at fashion week Saturday—and that's when the whole "I just can't drop the pounds" confession kinda lost a bit of its cred. Pregnancy pounds? What pregnancy pounds!?

Not helping her case at all was a second admission we weren't buying: that she finds leather dresses to be an excellent way to mask her aforementioned (invisible) pregnancy pounds. "I'm like, no, I need a tight leather dress to keep all those hamburgers in, and I got one!" she told the mag.

We don't know about you, but our pregnancy pounds sure wouldn't have been able to hide under a skin-tight leather dress. But, hey, if that's what a post-baby, non-exercised, hamburger-lovin' body can look like, sign us up, cause we'd love to rock that physique.

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