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Dina Lohan: Worst Celeb Mom Ever?

Anyone else feeling celeb story starved?

Now that Lindsay Lohan is (fingers crossed) besties with Oprah Winfrey and has committed herself to getting her shizzle together, there’s one less celeb train wreck to talk about.

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Truth be told, I miss Lindsay. I’m thrilled for her (hopefully) newfound sobriety. And I’m hopeful she’s finally gotten the good sense to stay out of the nightclubs. And I’m thinking she may finally hire a driver since driving without incident doesn’t seem to be her strong suit. But I do miss her antics. If nothing else, it was always entertaining to open up a magazine and say, “What did Lilo do?”

And then along comes Lindsay’s mom, Dina Lohan, to pick up the slack.

It’s possible Dina was just trying to represent the Lohan family name which is often synonymous with “catastrophe.” But after a routine traffic stop ended in Dina being arrested and charged with driving under the influence (her blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit), Dina’s now the latest Lohan to be in trouble with the law.

I must say, I’m feeling a bit more compassionate to Lilo these days.

Which has me, for the first time, feeling pretty sorry for Lindsay.

Over the years, I’ve always thought of Lindsay Lohan as an out of control party girl who squandered what could have been a successful acting career. She’s quick to blame others and doesn’t seem to learn from her own mistakes. But I must say, I’m feeling a bit more compassionate to Lilo these days.

Her dad, famous-person-for-no-good-reason, Michael Lohan is far more likely to end up on “The Most Wanted” list than “The Top 10 Role Models.” And now, her mom has joined the club. Sure, everyone can make mistakes and good people make bad choices. But it seems like the Lohans do nothing but make bad choices. So how can they expect their children to do better?

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Dina Lohan’s alcohol abuse has long since been rumored. But her recent DUI proves she’s got a real problem. It seems ironic that while her daughter is struggling to stay sober, Dina’s out drinking and driving. It’s hard to expect your child to stay on the wagon, when you’re the one drunk driving it.

As a mother, I’m keenly aware that I’m a role model. Even grown children model their parents’ behavior. It’s unfortunate when a kid’s role model is acting worse than they are. If Lindsay’s serious about staying sober, she’s going to have to distance herself from her mom and be her own role model. Or, Dina Lohan’s going to have remember she’s the mom and not the child, and stop acting like one.

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