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Toddler Talk: Easy Robot Costume

Ramona has these little stretchy robot figurines. She loves to walk around with them pulling on their arms and legs and letting them snap back into place, saying, “Hi, robot!” She also loves a variety of robot characters on TV, and we can sometimes get her to walk around and do a “robot walk” or, better yet, her “robot dance.”

As she’s been very much into dressing up lately (in addition to a cape, a beard and superhero mask, she also likes her tutu and walking around in her mama’s shoes), I looked for an easy way to make a robot costume of her very own so she could look like one while pretending to be one.

This activity is perfect for a rainy day inside, or to accompany story time about robots, or just for kids, like mine, who like to dress up for no reason at all. And though the materials aren’t that durable, they can be found in most homes; so they're at the ready whenever you’re in costume-making mode. Have fun making many variations on a robot costume. Stick with my simple instructions here, or go all out using a cardboard box and different colored construction paper and tinfoil to decorate it and make it look like a more authentic robot. This would be a great idea for older kids. And keep it in mind for Halloween, which is just around the corner!

What you need

paper grocery bag (or a large cardboard box)



What you do

  1. Remove the paper handles from the bag

  2. Draw a large oval or circle on the bottom of the bag. It needs to be just large enough for the head to fit in, but not too large that it won’t sit well on the shoulders.

  3. Cut an arm hole on each long side of the paper bag near the bottom where you cut the hole for the head. These should be fairly close to the base of the bag.

  4. Gently place the bag over your child’s head and watch her walk around like a robot.

  5. Make beeping, machine noises and talk in a robot voice to encourage your kids to get into character!

  6. Optional: Draw on the outside of the bag to cover up the grocery store’s branding and to create a screen and buttons and other robot doodads.

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