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Toddler Talk: Painting in the Shower

Usually, we head outside for anything involving dyes and marking. Our back porch has ample space to spread out and is easy enough to hose down. But the weather is starting to get a bit chilly and there was recently a lot of rain where we live. Ramona and I have been stuck inside our tiny home looking for ways to entertain ourselves. And, of course, what Ramona wanted to keep doing was messy art projects!

I’m all for her expressing her artistic abilities but finding a safe space for her to do finger painting or watercolors away from furniture and artwork is a complicated feat. Ramona doesn’t have a designated play area and our open space is limited. Then, I spied a photo on a friend’s instagram: painting in the shower!

Oh my. This is brilliant! What better place to break out the art supplies than the bathroom, which has mainly washable surfaces! We have a step-in shower, which may make this project easier than a bathtub. But as long as your little one won’t try and use the bathtub as a slip and slide, any tub space should work great.

Ramona loved it! Not only does she love being in the bathroom anyway, but to be in the shower and, essentially, painting on the walls, really got her tickled. And it was great to be able to let her loose and really enjoy her enjoying herself instead of spending the whole time making sure she’s not sneaking the wet paint brush onto my white curtains.

She understood right away what to do and went to town. The freedom of the space really enabled her to get into the activity and she was still painting after 30 minutes. I had to tear her away for an appointment we had to make! And when we came home, she just wanted to do “more painting, mama!” Overall, I’d say this activity is a winner: It allowed Ramona to express her inner artist and easily held her attention for quite some time. Have fun!

What you need:

bathroom with tiled or washable walls


water color or finger paints

paint brush


What you do:

  1. Use the tape to hang up pieces of paper around the shower walls at the appropriate height for your child

  2. Set out the paints and, if needed, brushes.

  3. Let her go to town painting the papers.

  4. Watch her have fun exploring painting on the tiles, as well.

  5. Leave the artwork up to dry for a bit.

Bathrooms often have items in them that little ones shouldn’t have access to. While this craft idea is really fun, make sure you’re always aware of what your kid is getting into. Cleaning supplies and medication are no good for children! Also, take care because if the floor gets wet it may become slippery.

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