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How Sofia Coppola's Daughters Helped on 'The Beguiled' Set

Photograph by Focus Features

Sofia Coppola is no stranger to girl power.

Besides directing such female-led films as "The Virgin Suicides" and "Marie Antoinette," Coppola also won the Oscar for writing "Lost in Translation" (2003) and just took home the top directing award at Cannes for her latest film, "The Beguiled."

Her new film, which stars Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning, is a Civil War-era thriller about a group of women who take in an injured Union soldier (Colin Farrell) at their Southern boarding school. Let's just say that things go off the rails as tensions rise among the ladies. (The fact that one of the film's hashtags is #VengefulBitches should tell you something.)

Coppola assured press conference attendees that while the story itself is tense, the cast and crew had fun and enjoyed filming in New Orleans (at the same Southern plantation, by the way, where Beyoncé filmed her visual album "Lemonade").

"We did a little Girls Gone Wild," joked Dunst, who also attended.

"War edition!" Fanning chimed in.

Photograph by Focus Features

But one of the highlights for the working mom included visits from her daughters, who are 10 and 7 years old.

"They would visit the set a few times," Coppola said, adding that her husband and mother stayed with them because they were still in school. "And they came by when I was editing."

"They were so cute," Dunst added. "They'd yell 'action' sometimes when they were on set."

Little did Coppola know, though, just how much girl power she was modeling for her daughters.

"They were so proud when I won the director award," she said, admitting her surprise that her win registered with them at all. "They went and told everyone at school. I went to speak to my 10-year-old’s class, and they were so proud and telling everyone, 'My mom won a director award.' It was really sweet."

Now that her film has hit theaters in New York and Los Angeles, and expands nationwide on June 30, Coppola admitted that she's ready for a break.

"It’s so intense when you’re shooting a film," Coppola said, "and now I’m looking forward to getting the movie out and having a vacation and getting to be with my kids and focus on them."

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