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How Moms Can Have It All

Lauren Lake, judge on the syndicated daytime show Paternity Court, knows all about juggling. Not only is she an attorney and television personality, but she's also an author, designer, life coach and—oh, yeah—a wife and mother, too.

Although she helps families find closure or a way to move forward on her show, she also navigates the world of 3-year-old boys. What Lake says is most important right now for her preschooler son is that he express himself—verbally and creatively.

That goes for moms, too. We shouldn't hold ourselves back, Lake says. In fact, she told mom.me how mothers can do it all—while squeezing in some me-time in the process.

On balancing career, interests and being a mom...

"I always tell people that you can do it all. Sometimes people ask me as a mom, 'How do you work? How (are) you a wife, a mother?' I tell them, 'You can do it all. You just can’t do it all at once.' I think that’s what I’ve come to realize—that it’s about balance, it’s about prioritizing, it’s about really taking those moments in life, especially to be a mother."

On making time for her son...

"I get those moments where I sometimes go, 'There have been about two to three meals that I haven’t eaten with my child in a row.' And I try not to let the day go by without having one meal with him in a sit-down fashion, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. You just make it happen as a mom, and I think that’s true for most moms. Moms make it happen."

On the parenting case that most surprised her as an attorney...

"There was one divorce that I handled for almost two years, back and forth with the parents, and I mean they argued about everything—the dog, the 'this,' the 'that.' And it got down to, at the end of the day, where I just had to look at both of them in mediation and say, 'Are you thinking about your kids? If you’re this angry about it and this upset about it, and it’s affecting you this much as an adult, have you thought about your children and how this fighting affects them?'"

Her advice for moms who want to change careers or go back to work after staying home...

"My advice is to live life limitlessly. I truly think that people put themselves in boxes. I think they allow other people to dictate what’s possible and not possible for them. I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me, 'How is it that you can be a designer and be a lawyer and be a 'this' and be a 'that.' Why would I not be? These are my passions. These are the things that I’m interested in. Why would I not? And I think reinvention is one of the best tools."

On finding me-time...

"I find it in the cracks and crevasses of life. We put everyone above ourselves. There’s always something else that can be done with your time except spending it on yourself. (But) take that moment for yourself. Do something with your spouse, get a massage. You have to schedule and make yourself a priority."

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