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Soleil Moon Frye: 'Enjoy the Chaos'

Photograph by Getty Images

You might remember Soleil Moon Frye best as that adorably spunky Punky Brewster from the popular '80s sitcom. Well, she's brought that same color and creativity to her life as a crafty mom of two girls (Poet, 8, and Jagger, 5) and a little boy on the way.

"My kids and I love crafting, we love cooking, we love doing fun recipes and we love throwing parties," gushes the author of new party-planning book Let's Get This Party Started! But she hasn't stopped there. She also just launched a photo app for her Web site Moonfrye, and she's the new host of OWN series Home Made Simple.

Moon Frye chats with mom.me about what makes a great children's party and how her girls weigh in on her best trait as a mom.

What's the most important part of making a child's birthday party great, regardless of budget?

"First of all, having fun is the most important thing and not getting overwhelmed. I feel like so often everyone wants to outdo each other, and there are simple things you can do. ... And then coming up with fun theme ideas and really involving the kids.

"We always want to have (staples like) burlap on hand, Mason jars, striped straws, all the things that we always go to because that makes it way easier because we just reuse them over and over. And then coming up with fun theme ideas (like safari and sports) and really involving the kids."

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What was the first thing you bought for baby when you found out you were having a boy?

"Is it terrible that I haven't bought anything yet? [For me], I’m starting to get clothes that are a little bit bigger, but I haven’t really started getting pregnancy clothes. So I might just try to do my best with what I have. We’re all about reusing in my house."

How do you juggle everything as a mom?

"For us, it’s just about trying to find the balance. It’s always chaotic and it’s always crazy, and it’s always full of energy and happy chaos, but it’s really about enjoying the moments that we’re together and having quality time and making the most of those moments and that time together to really be present and to just have a blast with each other."

What would your girls say your best quality is as a mom?

"Poet says, 'Doing crafts,' and Jagger says, 'Everything.'"

If Punky Brewster were a mom now, what advice would you give her?

To be patient and to enjoy the chaos and to have fun.

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