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Who You're Really Kissing When You Kiss a Married Dad

Photograph by Peter/NPG.com

Dear Katherine McPhee,

I loved you on American Idol, and I thought you were super on NBC’s Smash. (Mom and dad thought I was asleep. Shhh!) But I must admit, I didn’t really love you in your most recent production: an affair with somebody else’s daddy. I know you think you are having an affair with someone else’s husband, but you’re aren't. You’re having an affair with someone’s dad. That guy you were kissing has three little kids at home. You kiss him. You kiss them.

Those pictures that were snapped of you and your married Smash director smooching on the street are everywhere, even where little kids like me can see them.

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Supposedly, you and your own husband are taking a time-out. You’ve put your husband on the naughty step, and you guys aren’t sharing a room any more. This probably made you feel like it was OK to go steady with someone else’s husband, even if he and his own wife are still sharing a room. In preschool they taught us not to take things without asking, saying it’s bad manners. I guess that only applies to 3-year-olds because you’re a grown-up. But you just took three little girls’ family without so much as asking.

You wanted to kiss that married guy on the lips, and that’s all that mattered.

Every day my dad goes to work just after I’ve woken up and barely gets home to see me before I go to bed. When he’s home, he’s often working or tired from working. It’s hard to get much time with him. Last year on my birthday, I blew out my candles wishing for more of my dad’s attention. I can’t imagine also having to fight for my dad’s attention because another lady thinks she deserves his time more than I do.

I know it’s easy to think his marriage is his problem. You wanted to kiss that married guy on the lips, and that’s all that mattered. His wife is not your responsibility, you probably think. But what about his kids? Was that kiss worth taking away the one thing they can count on—family?

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So I want to tell you and all your other friends who think kissing a married dad is OK that it’s not. Your behavior does affect other people. Your choices have an impact on his kids. Next time you think what you do has no impact on others, do what they taught us to do in preschool, and stop and think about what you're grabbing from someone else. Next time, don’t take what isn’t yours. That’s just bad manners, silly.


A Married Guy’s Kid

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