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Toddler Talk: Paper Plate Necklaces

Halloween has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all still find excuses to dress up. I’ve slowly been building up Ramona’s dress-up trunk. In an attempt to get her to leave my nice jewelry alone, I’ve recently learned that in addition to costumes and clothing items, the girl needs accessories! I wanted to find a way to add jewelry to her wardrobe that was safe for her to use without direct supervision.

Per usual, I set out to brainstorm what I could use that I already had around the house that could be repurposed for a fun activity. I wanted to avoid strings and ribbons and scarves. What is round and can be worn around the neck? Oh yes! Paper plates. (I highly encourage you to buy a stack of these ... if not for barbecues or easy cleanup after entertaining, then for all the different crafts you can do.

Ramona, like most 2-year-olds, loves drawing with markers—and she’s often looking for something besides paper to draw on. So she was tickled pink when I set some plates in front of her and told her to let loose. She went to town with the markers and we put some stickers on as well for good measure.

When she was done, I cut out the inner part of the paper plate, leaving the ribbed ring intact—a necklace for Ramona! She loves it and walks around with it proudly.

What you need

paper plates

markers (or crayons or water colors or sparkly glue or stickers)


What you do

1. Let your little one decorate the paper plate with her drawing utensil of choice.

2. Cut out the middle part.

3. Place around the neck and proudly display the new fancy jewelry!

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