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It's a Snackadium!

image via Pillsbury

image via Pillsbury

image via Pillsbury

image via Pillsbury

Image via Pillsbury

Stop looking up nacho and wing recipes, because this epic creation from the geniuses at Pillsbury is all you'll need at your Super Bowl party. Plus, everyone will finally see your culinary talents, in football stadium form. You'll win even if your team loses!

Here's what you'll need to make the base of your snackadium:

  • 1 (15x10-inch) disposable cookie sheet for the field
  • 6 (approximately 4x8-inch) disposable loaf pans to ring the field as stands. Create stadium seating by cutting the short sides of the loaf pans at an angle toward the front. Then cut off the front of the pan, leaving a 1/2- to 1-inch lip
  • 4 glass storage containers placed at the corners to hold dip. (Bowls or wide-mouthed glasses also work.)

Football Field: Pizza or Dip

To create a pizza field, make one Football Pizza and serve it on a disposable cookie pan or other pan. To create a field of dips, fill the disposable cookie sheet with 6 to 8 cups of your favorite dip (I love guacamole). You can pipe sour cream stripes onto the dip with a pastry bag. Or fill a plastic zip-top bag with sour cream, snip off a small corner and pipe.

Pack the Stands

Once you've finished the base, it's time for the real fun: adding the snacks! Here are the recipes we used to fill the stands and surround the Snackadium, but these snacks are great on their own, too!

  • Mini Crescent Dogs—One recipe made enough Mini Crescent Dogs (48) to fill two of the disposable loaf pans. (You may want to save a few to use as players on the field.)
  • Bacon-Cheddar Pinwheels—One recipe made enough pinwheels (16) to fill one of the disposable loaf pans.
  • Crescent Pizza Pockets—One recipe made enough pockets (4, each cut in half) to fill one of the disposable loaf pans.
  • Italian Seasoned Super Sub—We made 7 of these, cutting each one in half for a total of 14 big sandwiches that we placed around the outside of the snackadium. You can cut them into more servings, if desired.

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