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Cooks We Love: Phoebe Lapine

Phoebe Lapine is a healthy recipe blogger and cookbook author. She’s the host of the monthly #WellnessWednesday hangout on Google+, and focuses largely on gluten-free, health conscious recipes that are still packed with flavor (think kid-friendly favorites like Dijon Baked Chicken Fingers or Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies). Pheobe’s book, In the Small Kitchen, proves that you don’t need a fancy kitchen or an entire afternoon to prepare a beautiful, healthy dinner for your family. While not a mom herself, Phoebe teaches kid’s cooking classes and understands the unique challenges mom face in the kitchen, namely time. Her recipes are approachable and delicious and we’re constantly inspired and reinvigorated after spending a few minutes on her beautiful site.

Name: Phoebe Lapine

Website or blog: Feed Me Phoebe

Blogging since: 2008 (Blogging as Feed Me Phoebe since 2012).

Where you call home: New York, NY. (I live in Chelsea!)

What’s your earliest cooking memory? I’m not sure it’s my earliest, but certainly the most formative, was when I opened my first “restaurant” at age 7. I used to play both the surly waitress, Shirley, and a greasy-spoon short-order cook, Bob, and dish out breakfast to my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins over the summer. There was only one item on the menu-- “Phoebe’s Famous Breakfast Burritos”—and 90 percent of the time, they were a hot mess.

How would you characterize or describe your cooking style today? On my site, I serve up healthy, gluten-free comfort food and tips for how to find the right balance between health and hedonism in your life. Above self-sufficiency, I think that feeling good about your body and your food is the most compelling reason to get in the kitchen and get cooking. I preach a balanced diet, which means eating a lot of good with a little bad. It’s not a highly scientific theory, but I believe that kale lasagna is better than no lasagna at all.

What’s your favorite thing to cook at home? Why? I like finding interesting, healthy twists on my favorite comfort foods. This quinoa fried rice makes a frequent appearance, as I like to cook a big batch of grains at the beginning of the week and find different ways to repurpose them. Fried rice is the ultimate vehicle for stale grains, and quinoa toasts up nicely with coconut oil and all those sautéed veggies—plus it’s so good for you!

What are three things you have in the pantry at all times? Canned tomatoes, quinoa pasta, garlic. Mainly because I can be satisfied with spaghetti and tomato sauce pretty much every day of the week.

What’s your “There’s Nothing in the Fridge Dinner”? The one thing you often whip up with very few ingredients or, perhaps, very little inspiration? There may not be anything in the fridge, but there’s always something in my freezer—at least gluten-free bread and frozen peas, which are perfect for these mushy pea toasts.

What are some of your kitchen goals – skills you want to improve on or recipes you want to try or master? My list of things to gluten-freeify is always growing. Ever since coming up with this Healthy Lemon Tart, I’ve been wanting to try different gluten-free nut crusts and filling combinations. I’d love to master a key lime pie for summer.

What are some of your favorite cookbooks and / or food blogs? I love all the Barefoot Contessa books—Ina Garten has been one of my biggest inspirations! The first cookbooks I ever bought myself were Jamie Oliver’s Naked Chef series. I think I just liked the name and thought he was cute, but the recipes are also fabulous. Recently, I’ve been loving Jerusalem and Plenty.

My favorite blogs are the ones with a great mix of voice and recipes. Here are a few to bookmark: Desserts For Two, Domesticate-Me, The Naptime Chef, and Sarcastic Cooking.

Besides other cookbooks or food blogs, where do you draw inspiration for your cooking? I love reading food magazines, but I probably draw the most inspiration from eating out and traveling. I love trying new things and discovering cultures through food. I try to log time in the kitchen with the same sense of adventure.

Where else can we find you? Foodily, Google+, Twitter, Facebook - FMP, Instagram, Pinterest


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