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Recipe Rescue: 7 Family-Friendly Vegan Meals

My (almost) 15-year-old daughter, Camille, has chosen to be vegetarian on and off since she was 5; the rest of the family are omnivores. Last month she made the leap to go from vegetarian to vegan. Vegan means that she consumes nothing that comes from an animal (in addition to giving up meat/poultry/fish, milk, yogurt, eggs, butter, cheese, even honey — because it comes from bees — is off limits).

I applaud my daughter’s decision to go vegan because she is doing it in response to the tens of hours she’s spent researching animal welfare, but I worry about her getting the balanced nutrients she needs. It’s all too easy to consume plates of French fries with ketchup followed by half a carton of dairy-free ice cream, in the name of "veganism."

The main issue with going from vegetarian to full-on vegan is that, with the lack of eggs and cheese, meals often don’t taste as good (just being honest).

I set out to find delicious, vegan recipes that I could prepare for not only my tenacious-animal-loving daughter, but ones that the entire family would enjoy, too. Lentil Loaf was one of the first recipes I found (and quickly discarded). But, after some time, I’ve acquired a decent little assemblage of naturally delicious, vegan recipes that has proved to my family that vegan recipes don’t have to suck!

7 Family-Friendly Vegan Recipes to Try This Week

Monday: Pear, Fig and Sage Tarts With Roasted Garlic Aioli by Spork Foods

Image via Spork Foods

Tuesday: Vegan Chili by Jennifer Brule

Image via Jennifer Brule

Wednesday: Green Apple and Cashew Sourdough Stuffing by Spork Foods

Image via Spork Foods

Thursday: Seitan Wellington With Creamy Spinach Sauce by Spork Foods

Note: If you're looking for vegan puff pastry sheets for this recipe, Pepperidge Farm has a vegan option.

Image via Spork Foods

Friday: Teriyaki Tofu by Georgann Yara

Image via JupiterImages

Saturday: Pesto Mac and Cheese by Kelli and Peter Bronski

Image via Kelli and Peter Bronski

Sunday: Vegan Colombian Changua by Carolyn Scott-Hamilton on latinamom.me

Image via Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

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