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Day of the Dead Marshmallow Sugar Skull Pops

Photograph by Melissa Bailey

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a celebration with a deep meaning behind it. While there are many layers to it, one of the most beautiful reasons for this celebration is to remember those near and dear to our hearts that have passed away. That's why vibrant colors are such a key part of the decorations. The colors are meant to represent the joy of life and symbolically bring to life the spirit of the deceased. Adding your personal touch or elements of the personality and preferences of the deceased is part of the fun decorating sugar skulls.

For a Día de los Muertos edible craft, marshmallows are the perfect canvas to decorate your own sugar skull pops. Decorating marshmallow pops is an easy and tasty way to teach your kids about this special celebration in a way that's fun and full of color.

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EDIBLE CRAFT RECIPE: Day of the Dead Marshmallow Sugar Skull Pops


  • One bag of marshmallows (for smaller hands, look for the jumbo marshmallows)
  • Edible decorating markers
  • Other decorating candy that can stick to or be inserted into the marshmallows, such licorice lace
  • Candy or lollipop sticks


  1. Start by selecting marshmallows that have a clean and smooth shape and are not squished or torn.
  2. Take two small pieces of licorice lace and insert them in the marshmallow to represent the eyes of the skull.
  3. If you are just using the edible decorating markers, then start by drawing the eyes, followed by the nose and mouth.
  4. After you have framed the basic elements of the skull, let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities on how to decorate the skull with colorful adornments and embellishments.
  5. Use different shapes and colors for a more festive sugar skull.
Photograph by Melissa Bailey
Photograph by Melissa Bailey
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