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Recipe Rescue: Campaign Crock-Pots

Natasha Marcus was a trial lawyer for seven years before deciding to stay home with her two young daughters. Throughout her years as a stay-at-home mom, Natasha volunteered in her North Carolina community at a women’s shelter. But there was still something lacking. “I saw the problems in North Carolina and asked myself, how can I be part of the solution?” Marcus explains.

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With the support of her now teenage girls and her husband of 20 years, Marcus threw her hat in the ring, running for a seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives. It wasn’t completely foreign territory; her father held a seat in the New York State General Assembly. She knew that her campaign schedule could get busy, fast. “I am the underdog in this race and can’t miss a single opportunity. There is always one more person I can talk to, one more event I can attend,” Marcus says.

She’s taking on the old guard, a Republican-held house with substantial majority in both chambers. She’s got her work cut out for her. There’ve been picnics, fundraisers, town hall meetings, BBQs, pictures with babies, newspaper interviews—the works.

But, what about dinner? No, seriously. The reality is that while Natasha is stomping the campaign trail, taking on the big boys, and her husband is working long hours, there's still a family at home looking for dinner each night. Her answer? “Crock-Pot! It's great for saving me cooking time. I just load it up in the morning and get on with my day.” She continues, “We’ve always made it a priority to eat together at the table. In the past few months, as the campaign has really heated up, that goal of family dinner has definitely slipped from every night to a few nights a week. But at least they get home-cooked meal.”

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