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Recipe Rescue: Pumpkin Everything!

Photograph by Getty Images

Pumpkin-spiced—NO! I will not go there. Are you as over "pumpkin-spiced" (fill in noun) as I am? A friend of mine posted an ad for Pumpkin-Spiced Tampons the other day on Facebook. (I’m hoping it was a joke.)

How did this nutritional powerhouse get Disney-morphed into the sugary-sweet, overly nutmegged culinary monstrosities that it is today? I blame Starbucks, but this squash charade stops now!

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Ladies, pumpkins are not best served as some cartoonish dessert; their savory-sweet, fiber-filled flesh is packed with vital nutrients and is a very good source of vitamin A (did you say 245 percent RDA per serving?), vitamin C, riboflavin, potassium, copper and manganese. This makes them the perfect, nutrient-dense canvas with which to start innumerable recipes.

‘Tis the season to get your pumpkin super-food on!

7 Pumpkin Recipes to Try This Week

Monday: Chicken and Pumpkin Chili by Finding Tasty

Photograph by Finding Tasty

Tuesday: Pumpkin Hummus by Bon Appétit

Photograph by Bon Appétit

Wednesday: Pumpkin Mac 'n' Cheese by Brooklyn Farm Girl

Photograph by Brooklyn Farm Girl

Thursday: Pumpkin Soup with Crispy Sage by Foodie Crush

Photograph by Foodie Crush

Friday: Pumpkin Apple Harvest Rice by Lunch Box Bunch

Photograph by Lunch Box Bunch

Saturday: No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake by A Family Feast

Photograph by A Family Feast

Sunday: Pumpkin Risotto with Toasted Walnuts by Trissalicious

Photograph by Trissalicious
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