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Recipe Rescue: New Life for Old Candy

We live in a neighborhood that is famous (within our little town) for giving out great Halloween candy. The neighborhood itself is filled with children, but, in addition to the resident munchkins, minivans crammed with costumed kids come from all over the area, arriving in our neighborhood at about dusk to drop off even more kids. Peak trick-or-treating hits around 7, when the streets fill with children and parents. It is truly awesome.

The first year that we lived here, we had no idea exactly how many trick-or-treaters would be ringing our doorbell. Our neighbors said things like, “Be ready! This neighborhood is very popular.”

We were clueless.

And we ran out of candy by 8 p.m.

Obviously, the only choice I had was to recycle my own four children’s candy. Except that was not an obvious, or even thinkable, choice in my kids’ eyes. Giving away their hard-earned booty was met with yelps, actual barks and tears of agony. I ended up at CVS the next morning replacing all of their candy and then some.

The great irony is that none of my children like candy. They eat, literally, one piece and leave the rest. God forbid anyone who touches their pillowcase stuffed with Halloween candy, though. By Christmas, they’ve moved on and I am able to use up the leftovers in holiday recipes.

Disappear Halloween candy in one of these 7 trick-or-treats.

Monday: M&M’s Chocolate Pretzel Bark

Photograph by Ericka Sanchez

Tuesday: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn

Photograph by Ericka Sanchez

Wednesday: Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bars

Image via

Thursday: Peppermint Patty Cupcakes

Image via Much Kneaded Recipes

Friday: Brown Butter Milky Way Oatmeal Cookies

Image via Sally’s Baking Addiction

Saturday: Candy Bar Brownies

Image via Justa Taste

Sunday: Marshmallow and Chocolate Dipped Nerd Pops

Photograph by Ericka Sanchez
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