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Recipe Rescue: Signature Thanksgiving Sauces

Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and green bean casserole: Those classic staples are what many of us dream about in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. But step back just a moment and think about what amps up flavor in this annual meal. It’s the sauces. These are what put a finishing touch, a personal signature of sorts, onto your T-day feast.

Which is why the cooks in charge shouldn't leave them as an afterthought, something to buy in a can or box, something that could easily be left off the menu if meal prep gets too hectic.

Sauces can make the whole meal sing! And these recipes will add a pop of color, a glamorous zing to your carefully planned Thanksgiving dinner table—or (shhhhh) all your the meals this week leading up to the big day. Think of it as a practice run.

Saturday: Fool-Proof Gravy

Image via The Splendid Table

Sunday: Apple and Garlic Jelly

Image via Saveur

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Monday: Fruity Fall Guacamole

Image by Ericka Sanchez

Tuesday: Two-Ingredient Fruit Compote

Image via Simplest Baker

Wednesday: British Bread Sauce

Image via About.com

Thursday: Apple Maple Cranberry Sauce

Image via mom.me

Friday: Amba (Sweet and Tart Mango Sauce)

Image via The Weiser Kitchen

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