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Recipe Rescue: Fool Proof Fish Recipes

I am constantly surprised by how many people I meet who tell me that they never, ever cook fish at home; saving seafood for restaurant chefs to prepare. It surprises me because fish doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult to cook.

The healthy benefits of fish (especially fish rich in Omega 3, like salmon) have been drilled into our collective consciousness for years, but even that knowledge doesn’t get some people over the hump of fearful fish cookery.

The following 7 recipes are easy and forgiving-- leaving little room for failure. Best of all, they are kid and adult friendly.

Sunday: Flaky Fish Puffs

Ridiculously adorable, kids will love to eat (and help prepare) this recipe.

Image via Vianney Rodriguez

Monday: Baked Tilapia Provençal

Gorgeous to look at and redolent with the flavors of the South of France, this dish is hard to mess up. If your kids are not fans of olives or artichoke hearts, try chopped zucchini, spinach or roasted peppers instead.

Image via Getty Images

Tuesday: Fish Tacos with Pomegranate Salsa

Fish tacos are code for healthy tacos, in a good way. Pomegranate seeds add vibrant color, fabulous flavor and an additional aspect of nutrients.

Image via Erin Scott, Yummy Supper

Wednesday: Cataplana (Portuguese Seafood Stew)

There is something for everyone to love in this stew: Sausage (if Andouille is too spicy, substitute smoked sausage), rich, tomato broth and tender white fish.

Image via Inter-Magazine

Thursday: Weekend Salmon Burgers

These burgers are savory, and delicious with a pleasingly smoky flavor. The mix can be made up in the morning and baked just at dinnertime.

Image via Finding Tasty

Friday: Fish in a Bag

Jamie Oliver knows a thing or two about cooking, especially for his big, busy family. Cooking fish in foil packets locks in the juices and flavors, as well as much of the fishy fragrance.

Image via Jamie Oliver

Saturday: Salmon Chowder with Cilantro Pesto

The simplicity of this recipes belies the restaurant quality flavor. Don’t be self-conscious about licking the bowl.

Image via Chow.com

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