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Recipes Made With Beer

Dark Chocolate Stout Brownies: The sneaky brownies not only have stout, but they are low-fat, due to the use of black beans in the batter.

Image via Farm Girl Gourmet

Beef, Guinness and Mushroom Pies: Beef braised slowly in Guinness, then topped with a flaky pastry crust is comfort food at its best.

Image via Meals in Heals

Beer Candied Bacon: Repeat. Beer Candied Bacon.

Image via Tide and Thyme

Beer Braised Chicken Sliders with Hoisin Beer BBQ Sauce: Chicken becomes meltingly tender when braised in a beer-based sauce.

Image via The Beeroness

Molasses Stout Glazed Salmon with Herbed IPA Mashed Potatoes: Omega-3 packed salmon is glazed with an umami rich sauce and paired with buttery beer infused herbed potatoes.

Image via The Beeroness

Beer Butter Mushrooms: Button mushrooms are a blank canvas for flavor. Cooking them in beer, butter and herbs makes them a great vegetarian side dish.

Image via Killing Thyme

Shrimp in Spiced Butter Beer Sauce: Shrimp and butter are the best of friends. Add in some spicy heat and cooling beer, and you have a succulent seafood meal.

Image via Black Girl Chef's Whites

Chocolate Ale Layer Cake: Beer and chocolate might seem odd, but they truly are a match made in heaven.

Image via Black Girl Chef's Whites

Chicken with Honey Beer Sauce: A simple to prepare, low-fat chicken entrée that the whole family will love.

Image via So How's It Taste?

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