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10 Best Sandwiches from the Slow Cooker

French Dip

Look at this picture. The bun is so loaded with beefy, cheesy goodness that it's sagging. I need this in my belly right now.

Recipe via Oh Sweet Basil

Cuban Sliders

If you can't make it to Cuba just yet, start with this sandwich.

Recipe via Bev Cooks

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Using your slow cooker to make chicken salad is genius! This recipe would be perfect for a wedding or baby shower or graduation party.

Recipe via One Krieger Chick

Italian Beef Sandwich

OMG. The picture of this amazing sandwich will haunt me, in the most delicious way, until I make it.

Recipe via Iowa Girl Eats

Chicken Gyros

You don't have to be Greek to get your gyro on. Just make these bad boys for dinner and your family will be shouting, Opa!

Recipe via Six Sisters Stuff

Pulled Chicken

Perfect for kids and adults, this is a great dish for a gathering. Let guests pile on the slaw, cheese, onions or hot peppers.

Recipe via Flour on My Face

Sloppy Joes

This school cafeteria classic has never tasted so good. Adding sharp, cheddar cheese bumps the flavor profile up a notch.

Recipe via Whole and Heavenly Oven

Beer, Cheese and Chicken Slider on Pretzel Roll

Is it weird that I feel a deep, emotional connection with this sandwich? As if it is beckoning me to make it. This is happening.

Recipe via Rachel Schultz

Jalapeño Popper Chicken Sandwich

Just as I was getting over the Beer, Cheese and Chicken Slider, this one comes along. I NEED this, like a junky needs a fix. Hey Jalapeño Popper Chicken Sandwich: You + Me = Dinner

Recipe via Family Fresh Meals

Classic Turkey Breast Sandwich

Seasoned, slowly braised in its own juices, then sliced and piled onto slices of soft, white bread. Oh my Gawd, these look simply divine!

Recipe via Pocket Change Gourmet

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