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10 Fabulous Paleo Dinners from the Slow Cooker

Spicy Shredded Beef Tacos

All that. Right up there, in that picture? I want all that for dinner. I mean, rich, ripe avocado, juicy tomatoes, the beefiest, slightly spicy shredded beef and some sort of magical-looking sauce. Are you kidding with that deliciousness?

Recipe via Paleo Newbie

Asian Orange Chicken

This is OK, I guess, if you like sweet and savory and tangy and outrageously delicious. I mean, if you're into that. Chicken + orange + soy sauce = heaven! Serve over riced cauliflower to keep it real on the Paleo front, or with brown rice, if there is a little wiggle room.

Recipe via Get Crocked

Balsamic Pork

Right here, right now, let's do this! Serve these tender, tangy, porky shreds served with whipped 'faux'tatoes (that's whipped cauliflower to you and me) and some garlicky, sautéed kale. I'm in!

Recipe via Skinny Taste

Chicken Enchilada Soup

OK, you guys: I don't just want this soup, I need this soup. Like, now. I could totally see making this for dinner (and FYI, you literally just dump the ingredients into the slow cooker and walk away), and then having the "even better than the night before" leftover soup the next day for lunch.

Recipe via Paleo Grubs

Barbacoa Beef

In Mexico, they soak the beef in an acidic adobo sauce then wrap it in banana leaves and bury it over coals in the ground. At Chipotle, they do sort of the same thing, but use an oven rather than a pit. At your house, you'll do the same thing, just in the slow cooker. The beef turns out so tender and flavorful, it may bring a tear to your eye.

Recipe via Gimme Some Oven

Chorizo Stuffed Peppers

Ermahgerd! These pretty, stuffed peppers are so adorable I don't know whether to eat them of cuddle them. Spicy Chorizo is complemented by sweet bell peppers and balanced by fresh zucchini. I could totes see these served over a big, green salad with some sort of creamy dressing!

Recipe via Sweet C's Designs

Honey Maple BBQ Ribs

Because you can never have enough falling-off-the-bone-tender rib recipes. Tangy, sweet with a slight heat, these babies will make everyone in the family happy, Paleo or not.

Recipe via Chef in Training

Double Beef Chili

Where's the beef? Right here! Two cuts of beef gives this chili extra beefy flavor and awesome texture. The recipe comes from a Paleo food blog written by an American nurse living in Switzerland. Clearly, this blogger knows her meats.

Recipe via Swiss Paleo

Thai Chicken Massaman Curry

Fresh and vibrant, this is also a versatile recipe because it is written for those who like spice, but also includes instructions on how to make it more kid-friendly. I'm loving the accompanying pineapple slaw, too!

Recipe via Gracious Pantry

Spaghetti Squash with Sausage Meatballs

The way the spaghetti squash is prepared in this recipe is genius! Bonafide hands-off cooking. If you're not a sausage fan, replace it with any meatball mixture you like.

Recipe via Paleo Pot

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