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Easy Birthday Cake Toppers That Everyone Can Do

1. Glitz and Glam: Add sparkle to your cupcakes by simply cutting a heart out from cardstock, gluing glitter to it and then gluing it to a paper straw. Stick it in your cupcake and just wait for the "oohs" and "ahhs." Get the how-to at A Thoughtful Place.

2. Dog Gone Cute: Decorate your cake by topping it classic balloon animals. P.S. Balloon dogs are so simple to make. Get the how-to at Studio DIY.

3. Lollipop, Lollipop: Simply tying together three lollipops and adding them to your cupcake will blow your guests blown away. Get the how-to at Kara's Party Ideas.

4. Picture Perfect: Print out b/w pics of your child, mom, husband or BFF and decorate them by gluing on colorful party hats. Add skewers to them and add them to your cake. Get the how-to at Kara's Party Ideas.

5. Party on: Make party hats out of colorful cupcake liners and mini pom-poms. Then add them to your cupcakes. It makes things a little extra festive and gives it that homemade look, even if you did buy them at the store. Get the how-to at Oh Happy Day.

6. Rainbow Wishes: Simply adorn your cake with rock candy. Add the candy based on your color scheme or show off all of the colors. Get the how-to at Studio DIY.

7. Cute Candy Cupcakes: Make fun candy cupcake toppers by wrapping a Styrofoam ball with tissue paper. Get the how-to at Cake Journal.

8. Make a Wish: You no longer need to worry about candle flames at the birthday party. (Sorry, "America's Funniest Home Videos.") Make faux candles out of paper straws and tissue paper. Stick inside a cupcake. Get the how-to at Icing Designs Online.

9. A Gold Star for Craftiness: All you have to do is cut stars out of gold paper and glue or tape to gold pipe cleaners. Next, make star shapes from pipe cleaners and stick 'em in the cake. Get the how-to at Delia Creates.

10. Tasty Topper: This nostalgic topper is sure to get high praises from the guests. Just tie the candy necklace to skewers and place it onto the cake. Get the how-to at Best Friends Frosting.

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