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Healthy Halloween Classroom Treats

Image via Instructables

1. Witches' brooms: Cut cheese sticks in thirds and slice them up on one end to look like a broom. Push a pretzel stick into the other ends and tie a small piece of green onion around the cheese for decoration. Get the recipe at Cocinando Con Catman.

Image via Steph Bite by Bite

2. Caramel Apple Nachos: Neatly display apple slices on a plate, then drizzle caramel, melted marshmallows and chocolate chips on top. Get the recipe at Butter with a Side of Bread.

3. Spider Crackers: Spread cream cheese or peanut butter on a cracker, break pretzel sticks in half and gently press them into the spread. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on a second cracker and place it on top of the first. Make eyes with raisins. Get the recipe at La Jolla Mom.

4. Kiwi-stein: These little kiwis turned monsters will have little ones clamoring for more. Get the how-to at Two Healthy Kitchens.

5. Tangerine Pumpkins: Peel tangerines and stick a small piece of celery on top and you have an instant healthy pumpkin kids are sure to dig. Get the recipe at Handmade by Kelly.

6. Crunch Mummies: Spread a garden veggie cream cheese on a piece of celery. Then cut small pieces of turkey slices and crisscross them on top. Use dried cranberries for the eyes. Get the recipe at Betty Crocker.

7. Orange Jack-o'-Lantern: Scoop the insides of an orange out, cut out cute pumpkin faces and then fill with your fave fruit. Delicious and adorable! Get the recipe at Chocolate-Covered Katie.

8. Apple Mummies: A little gauze and some candy eyeballs turn everyday apples into Halloween-worthy treats. Get the how-to at Marci Coombs.

9. Carrot Fingers: Add a couple of strategic knife marks to turn baby carrots into spooky "fingers." The full how-to can be found at Jonathon's Fitness.

Image via Danielly Arian

10. Cheesy Ghost: Nothing can be quicker than this healthy treat. Simply draw a ghost face on a cheese stick with a Sharpie. Instant ghost. Get the how-to at Living Life on the Lane.

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