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Have Yourself A Healthy Little Christmas

1. Snowman Lunch: Use nesting circle cookie cutters to punch holes out of open face sandwiches. Leave your cheese slice on top so it looks like snow. Add pretzel sticks for the arms, fruit leather scraps for the scarf and hat and popcorn for snow. Get the recipe at Creative Food.

2. Cracker Cuties: Transform your crackers into funny reindeers, snowman and Christmas trees with cucumber slices, olives, tomatoes and green peppers. Get the recipe at Little Food Junction.

3. Grinch Kebabs: Make mini kebabs featuring everyone's favorite green meanie. Just skewer a grape, banana slice, strawberry and mini marshmallow on a tooth pick. So simple! Get the recipe at Nourishing Minimalism.

4. Christmas Tree, Oh! Christmas Tree: Slice an apple and decorate it with raisins and two cheese triangles to represent a star. Add pretzel sticks as a base and watch your tree come alive. Get the recipe at 360 Family Nutrition.

5. Belly Full of Laughter: Great for a party appetizer or to surprise your student in their lunch box, wrap a BabyBel cheese with black and gold paper to look like Santa's belt. Get the recipe at Cute Food for Kids.

6. Snowman Sticks: Tie a ribbon around a cheese stick and use a Sharpie to draw eyes, mouth, buttons and nose to the plastic wrapper. Glue on a black paper hat and Frosty comes alive. Get the recipe at No Biggie.

7. Egg Snowmen: Packed with protein, these little fellas are a surefire festive snack. Stack two hard boiled eggs on top of each other using a non-cooked pasta or skewer to hold them together. Then top with a carrot hat, carrot nose, cilantro or parsley arms and peppercorn eyes and buttons. Get the recipe at Roxy's Kitchen.

8. Pita Tree Slices: Smear guacamole on a pita slice and decorate with chopped red peppers. Stick a pretzel at the base and enjoy. Get the recipe at Pillsbury.com.

9. Healthy Tree: Place this fruit-shaped Christmas tree platter of on your coffee table and nibble throughout the day. Don't forget the graham cracker presents. Get the recipe at The First Year Blog.

10. Reindeer Treats: Use a Laughing Cow cheese wedge and place pretzels for the ears, olives for the eyes and a piece of red pepper for the nose. Get the recipe at Cute Food for Kids.

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