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Celebrate 'Something on a Stick' Day

1. Breakfast on a Stick: This is a perfect on-the-go meal or Sunday brunch entree. Make mini pancakes, spread Nutella on them and then poke a stick through them. Get the recipe from the Daring Gourmet.

2. PB&J on a Stick: OMG! This fresh take on everyone's favorite sandwich is ah-mazing. Cut up sandwich squares and intermix them on a stick with fruit. Get the recipe at The Official Welch's Blog.

3. Fruit on a Stick: This melon kebab is a healthy after-school snack or party treat. Use a mini cookie cutter to design the shapes and then skewer them with a paper straw. Get the recipe at Handmade By Kelly.

4. Baked Brie on a Stick: (Yes, you read that right.) Next time you have your girlfriends over, this to-die-for snack will have all of your other mom-friends wondering how you're so awesome. Get the recipe ate Joy The Baker.

5. Banana Split on a Stick: This treat is a perfect after dinner dessert. It's healthy, yet has a bit of chocolate to appease the kids. If you're feeling traditional, serve it with a scoop of ice cream. Get the recipe at Frugal Coupon Living.

6. Pizza on a Stick: Here's an interesting twist to your Friday pizza ritual. Skewer pieces of sausage, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms and then wrap a strip of pizza dough around the skewer. Then pop in the oven. Get the recipe at My Turn For Us.

7. Waffle Fry Sliders on a Stick: Avoiding gluten? No problem. Here's a hamburger (on a stick) where the kids won't miss the bun. Get the recipe at Neighbor Food Blog.

8. Salad on a Stick: Are salads too intimating for your little one? Make them more kid-friendly by putting on them on a stick. Get the recipe at Pocket Change Gourmet.

9. Candy on a Stick: Here's a clever classroom party favor. All you have to do is buy an assortment of candy and then stick 'em up. It's a perfect project for your kids to get in on the action. Get the recipe at The Candy Blogger.

10. Marshmallows on a Stick: The adult version has you dip skewered marshmallow in vodka, then rotating it in a jar of sprinkles. For the kid version, all you need is water. Get the how-to at The Decorated Cookie.

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