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Morning Sets the Tone for Mom's Day

I've had some major aha moments since becoming a mom. Some leave me thinking, "Why didn't I realize this sooner?" One that has completely changed my life: understanding that mornings make or break your day. A strong start makes me feel like I'm moving though my day. A sputtering one makes me feel like the day is moving through me.

Was yesterday tough? Experience a #momfail? Did your healthy plans fall through?

This morning, you can start anew.

I need two things to have a great morning. First, I need food. Breakfast is fuel. I used to be a serial breakfast-skipper and I never knew I was losing out on so much energy. Now I eat foods that will power me for the next several hours. Here are some my favorite breakfast options to start my day:

  • Scrambled eggs and whole grain toast smeared with honey
  • Cottage cheese, fruit and plain toast
  • Half a bagel, cream cheese, raw almonds and fruit
  • Oatmeal topped with sliced dates and banana
  • Banana-avocado smoothie

I usually also have a cup of English breakfast tea and once I have that, I'm fully awake. Since I started having breakfast every morning, the difference in how I feel is incredible. Sometimes, stress and fatigue is really just hunger.

The second thing I need to have for a great morning is a moment of quiet to myself. So much of our day is spent thinking about others, so being able to clear everything and everyone from your mind is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Mental clarity helps us focus and deal with stressful situations. In other words, it helps you cope with the reality of being a mom.

The life of a mom is complex. I start out each day wanting to stay true to myself, my goals and standards. I want to be the gentle mom who gives her children a wider radius to be and learn for themselves. I want to be a supportive, loving and equal partner to my husband. At work, I want to be a badass who only competes with herself. I want to stay informed and curious and never stop learning. Spiritually, I want balance, inspiration and grace.

It's exhausting just to write all that out.

But I find solace in the fact that ultimately, our whole life is just made up of days. Even minor course corrections end up mattering in the big picture. That's why you need a reference point. That's what mornings can be: a renewed commitment to move toward whatever you feel is important.

I'm not saying it's easy, especially for those of us who were never morning people. I might wake up late. My kid might wake up extra early. Forget meditation—those days start with someone yelling "Mama!" in my ear. You might get breakfast but eat it cold because you were interrupted by your kid needing you. Any number of things make mornings hectic. On those days, I might not get to enjoy my morning ritual as much as I'd like. The day might be tougher than usual; that's par for the course when you're a mom. I try to not let it get me down.

You can always look forward to your next morning.

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Images via Jay Miranda

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