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Easy Dip-Dyed Marshmallows for a Colorful Easter

If you're looking for a pretty and easy alternative to traditional dyed eggs for Easter, look to the marshmallow!

These charming dip-dyed marshmallows could NOT be easier to make, and it's a great, mess-free project for even the littlest hands!

Recipe: Dip-Dyed Marshmallows


  • Marshmallows
  • Food coloring
  • Muffin tin or small cups
  • Toothpicks
  • Styrofoam block


Place some water into the wells of your muffin tin (or cups) – fill halfway so that you can dip the marshmallows in without the water overflowing. You can play with the ratio of water to dye; the more color you use the more intensely colored your marshmallows will be. I wanted a true pastel effect so I went with 1-2 drops in about a tablespoon of water.

Place a marshmallow on a toothpick and dip into your dye – either halfway, all the way or on a diagonal. Hold for about 5 seconds. Shake off the excess dye (either in a large cup or in the sink) and place on your Styrofoam block to dry completely.

Turn the marshmallow over and dye the other side as desired; dry completely.

It's that simple, and you can apply this technique to make treats beyond Easter. Think bridal or baby shower, birthday or graduation parties or team celebrations. You can put out a bowl with hot chocolate, decorate a cake or cupcakes, or make a pretty (and edible!) garland!

I packaged my marshmallows up with graham crackers and pastel-colored candy melts for some Easter-themed s'mores kits.

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Images via Sheri Silver

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