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Healthy Eating Tips for Every Sign

Looking for a new approach to healthy eating in 2015? Because your zodiacal temperament may influence your relationship with food, your sign may provide a stellar path to optimal wellbeing. Read on to discover the best advice for you.

Eat breakfast
Aries like to move fast and avoid obstacles that slow them down—but breakfast shouldn't be one of them. Kicking off the day with a healthful, even if quick, breakfast, will give you the fuel you need to power through your busy schedule. Plus, you love firsts, so why not make the most of your morning meal?

Approach change slowly
Changing things up isn't your specialty. After all, Taurus natives are creatures of habit. To increase your chances that transformation will take root, implement changes gradually rather than all at once. Pick one resolution at a time and be patient with yourself as you improve your eating patterns.

Savor your meals
Geminis are masters of multi-tasking. Yet, doing double duty during meal times—whether it involves reading, web surfing or watching TV—can lead you to miss the pleasure food can deliver. Focusing on your food and eating more slowly allows you to savor every morsel—and may prevent you from overdoing it.

Eat home-cooked meals
For Cancer, home is not only where the heart is but also where the hearth is. Preparing food can be exceptionally nurturing for Cancer; it's an activity that you pour your love into. Your homemade goodies will nourish not only your body but also your soul.

Celebrate in moderation
Parties can fan the flames of your joy. Yet, a stocked bar and endless food trays can be landmines for your diet. Nonalcoholic drinks will save you calories, and noshing on a light pre-party snack could curb your appetite enough to help you to steer clear impulsive food choices.

Enjoy homegrown food
As an Earth sign, Virgo is very connected to the land and its bounty. Therefore, tending to a garden is something you'll dig (pun intended!). Even if your outdoor space is limited, you can still reap your own personal harvest by growing a few pots of herbs in your windowsill.

Make mealtime beautiful
Libra is all about aesthetics, so infusing your meals with more beauty may make eating more satisfying. Even if you're just enjoying take-out, lighting a few candles, busting out the cloth napkins and putting on some tunes will turn your meals into a more pleasant undertaking.

Temper emotional eating
Passionate Scorpios sometimes eat for solace, like when they feel like others don't connect to their intense emotions. Before seeking consolation in a pint of Ben & Jerry's, think about whether there's a more productive activity that can offer the comfort and support you're seeking.

Be a culinary globetrotter
As the zodiac's resident jetsetter, Sagittarians have an affinity for the exotic. Even if you're not able to travel the world, you can expand your horizons by sampling the cuisines of far-off destinations. This will keep your diet interesting, while also exposing you to the healthy foods of other cultures that may not cross your plate otherwise.

Make time for meals
Exceptionally focused upon the current task at hand, Capricorns don't like diversions when they are working. This may cause you to ignore your hunger and put off eating. Remember: By keeping your body properly fueled, you're investing in your health—which can, of course, keep you as productive as you need to be.

Give yourself freedom
You thrive on being able to do what you want when you want to. As this extends to your eating, allow yourself flexibility with a schedule that honors your independence. If you'd rather do six mini-meals instead of three squares, give yourself the liberty to beat to your own drum.

Practice mindful eating
While daydreaming is practically in your blood, doing so during meals can detract from the delights of your food. Plus, it may have you rushing through the meal, which can lead to overeating or even indigestion. Mindful eating, being present and relishing the experience, can help you feel more grounded in your body, a boon to spiritually inclined Pisces.

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