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Which Signs Will Have the Best 2015?

The planets are lining up for a thrilling New Year. With Saturn moving into Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo 2015 promises to be motivating, creative and adventurous. Every sign will likely experience something positive this coming year, but there are several signs that will shine above the rest. Does yours make the cut?

Leos are the clear winners. With lucky Jupiter in their sign until mid-August, they have plenty of time to reap the benefits of this positive influence. Leos typically want to be noticed, and there's no better time for them to take center stage. This could come in the form of a promotion, engagement or launch of a cherished project. Attention Leos: Don't miss this opportunity to put something out in the world! Use the energy of Jupiter to create and discover new milestones in your professional and personal life.

Aquarians also stand in Jupiter's light. With the great benefactor in opposition to their sign, Aquarians can expect much of the same positive and expansive energy that Leo feels. As we begin 2015, Mars in Aquarius adds enthusiasm and courage to the New Year—an energy that can be particularly put to good use by Aquarians. Plus, there is stability coming from Saturn in Sagittarius and inventiveness from Uranus in Aries. Aquarians should consider a trip abroad—it may facilitate a fresh look, a new attitude or a complete elevation in consciousness. Wow!

Pluto has been in Capricorn for a few years, and you haven't heard Goats complaining. The potent planet brings this sign power, which is something they crave. Sure, there are things they need to let go of (after all Pluto's presence comes at a price). But the transformational energy is so dynamic that what's left behind is completely worth the new. Capricorns can expect a boost in their careers and social standing. In addition to nabbing promotions at work, they may also get married, become parents, move into a new house or all of the above. The sky is the limit here.

Aries, like Aquarius, is involved in several positive angles this year. This member of the zodiac loves individual expression, making Uranus' continued presence in their sign fun-filled ride. "Expect the unexpected," should be Rams' motto this year. They may feel like opportunities appear out of the blue, when really they're behind it all. Uranus magnifies Aries' visualizations, and then charges them with electricity. Needless to say, the end result is nothing short of exhilarating. Yes, there will be some surprises, but they'll feel more unexpected gifts, rather than total life upheaval. A stabilizing trine from Saturn tops off the year, grounding all this excitement into reality.

Late in the 2015, Jupiter enters Virgo. Now, the limitless energy that belonged to Leo shifts to the Virgin. This initiates a period of good health, excellent working environments and busy routines for Virgo. Along with Jupiter, the end of the year ushers in ambitious Mars into Virgo. The prime placement of the red planet combined with Jupiter's good fortune brings activity, productivity and new methods for achievement to this sign. Virgo will master anything that needs to be tackled with precision and energy to spare.

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