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10 Days to Mark on Your 2015 Calendar

As soon as you crack open that shiny new 2015 planner, pencil in these big astrological events!

The Eclipses
Two of 2015's eclipses (April 4 and September 27) are the continuation of a tetrad of eclipses that began this year. Although eclipses take about one to three months to activate in your chart, still mark these dates in your calendar, especially if you have any planets or points in your chart around 14 degrees Libra or 4 degrees Aries.

The other two eclipses (March 20 and September 12) are the first set of eclipses that happen along the Pisces and Virgo axis, to be continued in 2016. If you have planets or points near 29 degrees Pisces or 20 degrees Virgo, pay extra attention to those dates and the next few months after.

Mercury retrogrades
Although Mercury retrograde is no reason to panic, there's plenty reason to keep an eye on all things related to communication, travel or commerce at this time. In 2014, Mercury's retrogrades all started in Water signs, so they had a more emotional and family-oriented component to them. That's perhaps why domestic violence became such a hot button topic around those retrogrades. Next year's retrogrades all begin and end in Air signs. Likewise, they may affect our ways of thinking, communication and relationships, whether romantic or platonic. Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius January 21 through February 11; in Gemini from May 18 to June 11; and in Libra from September 17 to October 9.

The seventh seal between Uranus and Pluto
After six turns of challenging squares, starting in 2012, irrepressible Uranus in Aries and forceful Pluto in Capricorn tango one last time on March 16. If you've been bottling things up, here's your chance to get them out. Just remember, once things are uncorked, it will take some time for to return to normal. This is especially true for folks with planets or points in Capricorn, Libra, Aries or Cancer.

Earth, Water & Fire for Jupiter and Saturn
For the first time in eight years, Saturn and Jupiter will both be in fire signs at the start of the year. Saturn kicks off 2015 in Sagittarius, while Jupiter's been in Leo since July. Then Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio on June 14 and Jupiter moves onward into Virgo on August 11. If you have planets or chart points in late Scorpio, early Sagittarius, mid-to-late Leo or early Virgo, you can expect either Jupiter-inspired expansion or Saturn-influenced discipline to commence around those dates.

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