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How to Get Out of Your Dating Rut

Admit it, you totally have a type. And, just like bad habits, our dating patterns can leave us coming back for more—even if we're not totally sure why. Fortunately, we can break free from these repetitive behaviors by consciously seeking someone who fulfills what we really need. Your Sun sign can help you find the right romance, both by highlighting your dating traps and also by helping you identify the qualities that truly complement your personality. Read on to learn how to conquer your sign's relationship rut!

The Rut: You may think it's a good idea to have someone by your side who lets you have your way most of the time. But, if you only date yes-men, you may soon find yourself wondering why you have a relationship at all.
The Fix: Seek out someone who challenges you. A little friction can make for more passion.

The Rut: We know you're attracted to pretty things, but your focus on surface-level features can cloud your judgment, leading you to make bad decisions.
The Fix: Look beyond the physical, and make sure your values are in-line with your partner's. You appreciate loyalty and good taste, and when you find someone who makes you feel safe and secure, love will follow.

The Rut: Your curiosity leads you to equate fascination with love. It's not. When you find yourself totally mesmerized, you may just lose yourself.
The Fix: Keep things light. If you're laughing, you've got the foundation of a lasting relationship. An amazing sense of humor will perfectly complement your radiant smile.

The Rut: There are plenty of people who need to be taken care of, and you seem to find all of them. This leads to a lot of worrying, and eventually, you start to wonder who's taking care of you.
The Fix: Refocus your search on someone who is as home- and family-oriented as you are. Together, you can cook your way to domestic bliss.

The Rut: If your relationship is to all about you and how important and amazing you are then you're not in a relationship, you're in a fan club.
The Fix: Search for someone who you can lead with. That way you can be part of a royal couple that greets the world as the powerful team that you are.

The Rut: Relationships are hard for you, with all of your particular needs and your judgmental eye. Almost as soon as you identify the perfect mate, you realize just how flawed they all are.
The Fix: Drop the perfectionistic lens you're viewing life through. Only then will you see that a kind heart is what matters most. Just look for that.

The Rut: You tend to do all the work in your relationships. If fact, you can be so dependent on your partner's happiness, that you prioritize it above your own.
The Fix: Stop that. The only relationship that even has a chance of working for you is one in which both parties are willing to compromise. Don't settle for anything less.

The Rut: When sex and dominance guide your relationship search, there's bound to be trouble. You'll never be completely satisfied if these are your main criteria.
The Fix: What you most deeply want, even though you're terrified of it, is intimacy. Yes, hardcore, emotional honesty. It's so hard to find, but so worth it. Make it the cornerstone of your next partnership.

The Rut: On a never-ending search for truth, you are often in relationships where you argue a lot. You think of it as spirited debate, but it's more like you're right, end of story.
The Fix: Look for someone who wants to explore the world with you, and gain enlightenment as a team.

The Rut: Because you're built to climb the social ladder, you often find yourself in competitive relationships with people who don't always want to climb alongside you.
The Fix: Shift your focus to someone who is on board to build a dream together. You'll lay a more solid foundation to grow from.

The Rut: It's funny how everyone you come in contact with becomes a friend. Platonic acquaintances are great, but getting stuck in the "friend zone" is no fun when you're trying to kindle a romance.
The Fix: Think about your deepest ideals and the kind of altruism that you crave. Then imagine being with someone who matches your passion for giving. That's the person who should catch your eye.

The Rut: Oh, how you love to save the downtrodden and needy. Trouble is, you end up feeling drained and victimized. It's a drama that does not serve your greater need to be loved in return.
The Fix: Bring your attention to someone with as much creativity and imagination as you. They have something to give you that you crave—artistic expression.

Image via Jessica Peterson/Getty Images

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