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The Best Place to Find Your Match

While online dating is all the rage these days, many people still like the idea of encountering a potential mate the old-fashioned way. You know, in person and randomly. But to meet a like-minded partner, you have to put yourself out there—and in the right location. Here's the ideal place to find that special someone depending on your sign.

Rams are known to be active and daring. You may come across a similarly fearless, up-for-anything partner while trying out a trapeze class or while hitting up your local CrossFit sandbox. This will also allow you to channel your enthusiasm into a heart-pumping activity.

Take a stroll through your local botanical garden, which will appeal to your Earth sign quality of being grounded and your love for all things beautiful. A fellow flower lover will no doubt catch your eye.

You're a natural storyteller who loves a captive audience. Because you're able to chat up just about anyone, you'd do well searching for The One right in your favorite watering hole.

Crabs are all about the home and creating a cozy space. You could unearth your other half while browsing wares in your neighborhood Pottery Barn or kitchen supply store.

The zodiac's resident performer, your sign loves being the center of attention. Join a sketch comedy group and you may just pin down a fellow jokester who will love trading zingers with you.

You prefer the one-on-one type of personal exchanges. Sign up for a singles cooking lesson where you'll be paired with a partner to complete a specific task. Things may heat up—and we're not just talking about the oven.

As a lover of the arts, you should consider registering for a painting class, where you could stumble upon an equally artistically inclined significant other. At the very least, you'll create something beautiful.

Scorpions have rich inner lives and love getting to the bottom of their psyches. Find a regular mindfulness or meditation group then chat up others who are doing the same to find someone as introspective as you are.

The zodiac's wanderer, you require an equally adventurous soul. You could kindle a romance with a fellow jet-setter on any of your travels, but think about joining a tour group to narrow down your options.

Goats are known for their love of money, so you may get lucky and chance upon the perfect person during a routine trip to the bank. (You never know!) But in all seriousness, attend a lecture or convention—whether financial or comic book. You'll be surrounded by folks who are as serious about your interests as you are.

Because your sign is always hunting for what's new, you should follow the rest of the trendsetters. A restaurant or gallery opening will attract people who are in the know and can keep up with your cutting-edge lifestyle.

Fish could spot a fellow water lover at the beach. But to uncover someone who understands your sensitive soul, rub elbows at an upcoming spoken word event or poetry reading.

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