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Is Your Venus Sign the Key to Romantic Happiness?

You've probably heard that the Roman goddess Venus ruled beauty, pleasure and love—and the same goes for her planetary namesake. So could this romantic planet be your secret weapon in affairs of the heart? The short answer is… kind of.

Venus, the planet that also governs our finances, has to do with our own personal allure as well as the romantic qualities we're drawn to. "Venus is the way we attract love and the qualities we use to express love," explains astrologer Danielle Arias of starsmoonandsun.com. "Venus is superficial; it's a flirt. It will get you the date, but not necessarily the commitment." Understanding your Venus sign can help you win the right kind of attention (however short-lived) when you put yourself out there.

To take advantage of your Venus sign's special powers, begin by asking yourself: What is it about me that others find charming? And what's my biggest deal-breaker? Locate the planet Venus in your birth chart and see what sign it's in then check out the descriptions below!

Venus in Aries: You know the saying, "young at heart"? That's you. Your childlike, youthful appeal and uncomplicated approach to love is your biggest draw. Be wary of overly buttoned-up types. Your fun-loving style may clash with someone who is all business.

Venus in Taurus: Who said stability isn't sexy? People are drawn to the dependability and constancy of your affection (after all, it's easier to be vulnerable with someone who will stick around). It naturally follows that you have a strict "no flakes allowed" policy. You can't abide by flighty folks for too long.

Venus in Gemini: The lines between head and heart are blurred for you. The way you flirt with such wit and playfulness is irresistible, and quite likely make you very seductive. But no matter how tantalizing someone seems, you just won't get along with someone who's too deep or, worse, too dull!

Venus in Cancer: Your allure has nurturing overtones, which many suitors find endearing. It also makes you a magnet for people in the market for a long-term relationship. Your biggest turnoff? Anyone who is overly logical or people who can't listen to their hearts.

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Venus in Leo: When it comes to romance, goofing off and getting your jollies is your specialty, but true-blue generosity is your calling card. Potential mates love how you show your interest through grand gestures. Unfortunately, your, ahem, need for attention doesn't mesh well with partners who are distant, busy or too wrapped up in their own lives.

Venus in Virgo: It's a good thing not everyone can handle flashiness and over-the-top antics. In fact, your big selling point is your quiet, solid, slightly lone-wolf vibe. You won't be won over by fast-talking, showy types—and they won't probably fall for you either.

Venus in Libra: Hi there, stud. People can't help but be impressed by your pulled-together approach to romance and your soft touch. However, nothing loses your interest like vulgarity and crudeness, so don't bother with people who push the envelope to obscene extremes.

Venus in Scorpio: Face it: You're sexy and long-term material—or at least that's the message you send others. But in spite of how easy it is for you to catch someone's eye, you're not a player, and you don't want one in your life either.

Venus in Sagittarius: People who lust for adventure and value an intellect approach to dating will be putty in your hands. Sad or sappy types need not apply. You don't go for buzzkills or overly serious types who put a damper on your mood.

Venus in Capricorn: You're the full package. Potential lovers admire your confident pursuit of l'amour and ability to provide all the trappings of a storybook romance. You, on the other hand, won't be wooed by anybody too emotionally needy or, on the other hand, noncommittal.

Venus in Aquarius: Two words: Stone fox. Your slightly aloof, easygoing allure brings all the boys—or girls—to the yard. Just don't fence them in. You're not one to jump into a traditional partnership, and your romantic ideal is no exception. For you, weird wins.

Venus in Pisces: A classic sweetheart and master at playing hard-to-get, you're naturally captivating. You lure people in with your sensitivity, playfulness as well as your elusiveness. Due to your go-with-the-flow M.O., anyone who's overly rigid may rub you the wrong way. And what could you possibly do for them, anyway?

Image via Fuse/Thinkstock

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