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6 Things to Know About Dating a Leo

With the regal Sun as Leo's ruler, it's hard not to feel a bit intimidated by the prospect of dating those born under this sign. Will they be as demanding as a monarch? Or as fierce as a lion? While dating a Leo has its challenges, it also comes with rewards. Here are a few pointers for hitting it off with the zodiac's royalty.

Be daring
Perhaps pop music icon Madonna titled one of her movies and fragrances "Truth or Dare" because, as a Leo, that's what she wanted. As a sign of the Sun, a Leo lives to shine in the light of truth and full-on courage. If you dare your Leo date to wear the most outrageous outfit in his or her closet, then you'd better be ready to deal with some commotion-stirring consequences. And you're going to have to be audacious as well! To get in their good graces, challenge your Leo, and rise to their challenges, too.

Keep the lights on
As a Fire sign, Leo thrives on energy, panache and verve. They want to experience the rush and thrill of being alive. You can do your part by keeping your spirits up. No one likes a party pooper—especially not Leo. And when you can't be at your best, be direct and honest about it. Your Leo will appreciate it, because you'll give him or her the opportunity to cheer you up.

Lay on the adulation
Leo wants to bask in your spotlight. And it's not enough to just give this person attention. They want to know that they also have your admiration. If you don't show them how respected or important they are in your life, then expect them to look elsewhere for that adoration. When your Leo texts, calls or emails you, give him or her a heads up if you can't respond in a timely fashion. Otherwise, your silence might be perceived as disrespect. A Leo wants to feel like a priority and won't be willing to play second fiddle for long.

Never embarrass a Leo in public
For Leos, how they appear in front of others is very important. If they're in on the joke, they don't mind looking silly. However, laugh with them, not at them. They won't quickly forgive anyone making a fool of them in public, even if it's just among a few friends. Need to have a heated conversation with your Leo? Remember to keep it discreet.

Plan creative dates
Leos are known for creativity. Even if they don't flex their imaginations on the job, they enjoy the opportunity to express who they are, especially with a loved one. So think outside the box when planning dates. Maybe you dance until sunrise, write a song together or prepare a gourmet meal. As long as the date has grace and flair, your Leo will enjoy it.

Treat your Leo like a king or queen
You're going to have to roll out the red carpet a bit—after all, this is zodiac nobility we're talking about. You don't have to go overboard, but you do need to make an effort with thoughtful gestures that show you know what they like. At times, a Leo's demands and need for energy could make it feel like they're attempting to dominate your life. But, believe it or not, Leo doesn't want to control you. He or she merely wants to rule life itself. If you're up to the challenge, you won't find a more creative, loyal and daring co-ruler than a Leo.

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