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The Do's and Don'ts of Neptune's Station

Neptune holds sway over dreams, imagination, unconditional love, the magical and the mystical. After going retrograde on June 9, Neptune stations direct on November 15, an occurrence that heightens the planet's themes in our everyday lives. Many astrologers believe that Neptune retrograde gives you more clarity, helping you see between the lines. At the same time, perhaps life since June 9 has lacked the romance and glamour this planet rules.

So will you be inspired by Neptune direct—or get lost in its fog? That's up to you. Here's how to use this event to your benefit:

DO: Summon your inner artist
Whether you break out the watercolors, snap photos to share on Instagram or write a few poetic verses, try to tap into the soulfully creative waves that Neptune inspires. Not only will it be an experience that forges a direct route to your heart, but you might also craft your own masterpiece in the process.

DO: Keep a dream journal
With Neptune ruling the realm of dreams, we may notice an uptick in their activity, vividness and significance. Keep a notebook by your bedside to capture the images and stories that they contain. Regularly jotting down your dreams helps you keep tabs on recurring themes and may jog your memory so that you can more readily recall these gossamer-like visions.

DO: Pay attention to water
Because Neptune was the mythical god of the sea, water becomes a strong motif when his namesake stations. Take advantage of water's healing qualities at this time, by relaxing in the bathtub or strolling along the ocean or river's edge. But also stay alert for water in places you don't necessarily want it, such as leaking through broken containers, overflowing from toilets or amassing in the basement after a rainstorm. Strengthening the structures that contain liquids before Neptune stations may divert an aqueous accident.

DO: Spread the love
Neptune is associated with unity and a lack of boundaries, so things don't seem as discrete and formed when this planet's energy is in full force. Your compassion, psychic senses and ability to step into others' shoes may become heightened during this time. Channel Neptune's positive vibes by connecting to your own oceanic feelings of love. Let them wash over you, enabling you to open your heart more than you ever thought possible.

DON'T: Let your empathy overwhelm you
As we're inundated with tidal waves of emotions, we may not be clear about what we're feeling. This can be pleasurable or challenging. If the latter rings true, engage in supportive activities—such as talking to friends, exercising or meditating—to help you feel centered.

DON'T: Fall for smoke and mirrors
Thanks to the blurred lines Neptune evokes, not everything may be as it appears. In fact, our desires can fuel our illusions. Watch that your romantic longings don't make you vulnerable to confusion or delusions or—eventually—disillusion.

DON'T: Get too lost in your thoughts
With Neptune's energy hitting a peak, our heads may be in the clouds. Make a concerted effort to keep your feet on the ground—otherwise your spaciness could lead to slips of the tongue and other minor mishaps.

Image via vsurkov/Thinkstock

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