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6 Things to Know About Dating a Cancer

It's not easy to date someone born under a sign ruled by the moody Moon. After all, the word "lunacy" came from "lunar." However, underneath a Cancer's protective shell may lurk the sweetest, most loyal and nurturing person you could ever hope to love. Here's a short dating guide to help you coax your sensitive Crab out of their shell—and into your life for good.

Don't try to get too close too fast.
This sign thrives on the security and trust they've cultivated with their innermost circle, so Cancers aren't inclined to rush into new relationships. In other words, don't try to be your Crab's BFF on your first date. If initially your Cancer comes off as distant or gruff, know that with time they'll reciprocate the warmth you show them.

Family and friends come first.
Woe to the soul who comes between a Cancer and his or her family and friends. You may be asked to attend family outings frequently, perhaps even when you first meet. For Cancers, you can't get to know them if you aren't willing to hang with the people most important to them. Keep any judgmental thoughts about these folks to yourself until you've established a deep, intimate connection. And don't jump in when your Cancer talks crap about his or her crew—they may just turn their claws on you.

You'll have to stroll down "Memory Lane."
Cancers not only have a strong attachment to their peeps, but also to the past. It's no wonder that Cancer Marcel Proust wrote seven volumes of a novel dedicated to days gone by, Remembrance of Things Past. You might notice that your Cancer cherishes mementos from your outings, like play programs and movie stubs. So whip out your camera occasionally to capture fun moments with your Cancer boo. Your cache of mementos will be a welcome reminder of happy times if you hit rough patches.

Prioritize comfort.
Like Taureans, Cancers like to enjoy the sensuality of an experience—especially great food—when they go out. But as a Water sign, Cancers are into the mood and vibe of a place too. Take great care in selecting venues outside a Crab's comfort zones because they want to feel secure more than anything. Perhaps when you're planning a date with your Cancer, you should order takeout from that trendy, new restaurant rather than waiting in line to eat at a tiny counter. A Cancer's couch can be the hottest spot in town—provided they're surrounded by the right company, eats and entertainment.

Roll with their changing moods.
To say that Cancers are in tune with their feelings is a major understatement. Their emotional intelligence is off the charts, so you'll know you've made inroads with your boo when they begin to openly share their deepest sentiments with you. But if you're not accustomed to wading waist-deep in emotions, then these heavy exchanges can be intense. Just don't attempt to interpret their mood from their face or body language alone. You might think that frown is about something you've said, when it could just be that your Cancer's pants fit too tightly. Yes, this sign has all the feels, and not every single expression will be about you. When in doubt, talk it out.

Express your own emotions.
Since Cancers are so skillful at steering through their own emotions, they're equally sensitive when others are navigating choppy waters. Withholding what you feel will be tantamount to an act of betrayal for a sensitive Cancer. And they'll know if you're hiding something—a Cancer's intuition is razor sharp. Although the emotional complexity can be daunting, this sign will definitely press you to figure out where your heart really is. If you want your heart to belong to a Cancer, and he or she wants the same, then you'll never find a greater sense of acceptance and love.

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