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What Kind of Sandwich Are You?

Where would we be without the sandwich? Hungry, probably! That's why we're celebrating National Sandwich Day (November 3) by matching up each of our favorite bread-flanked creations with a horoscope sign. Keep reading to discover your sign's sandwich soul mate!

Aries: Bacon, Egg and Cheese
Of course the first sign of the zodiac corresponds to this early-morning edible. Just as a breakfast sandwich will put a spring in your step, Aries is known to be full of energy.

Taurus: Croque Monsieur
Only the finest foods appeal to Taurus, and this French creation manages to be as sophisticated as it is tasty. Its rich combo of ham, gruyere cheese and bechamel sauce makes it the kind of indulgence the Bull can't resist.

Gemini: Submarine Sandwich
Hoagie, hero, grinder, sub—just as a Gemini typically has multiple personalities, this classic sammie goes by a whole bunch of different names. It's also decked out with a variety of meats and cheeses, so this indecisive sign gets a little taste of everything.

Cancer: Grilled Cheese
Nothing says "comfort" quite like a warm grilled cheese sandwich (preferably enjoyed with a bowl of tomato soup while curled up by the fireplace). In other words, we couldn't possibly find a better counterpart for Cancer, lover of all things cozy and nostalgic.

Leo: Hamburger
Sorry, but lunch meat and white bread simply wouldn't do for the kings and queens of the zodiac. Instead, the iconic burger—which we like to think of as sandwich royalty—is a fitting tribute to Leo.

Virgo: Wrap
Known for being the most health-conscious member of the zodiac, Virgo would be best represented by a low-carb, whole-grain wrap brimming with nutritious veggies.

Libra: Tea Sandwich
Dainty tea sandwiches embody this well-mannered, elegant sign. And the fact that this refined treat is typically only enjoyed in good company makes it even more appropriate for sociable Libra.

Scorpio: French Dip
If there's one sign that's willing to take an emotional plunge, it's Scorpio. Similarly, to fully enjoy a French dip sandwich, you've gotta go deep. Think of the tasty au jus as a nod to Scorpio's water element.

Sagittarius: Banh Mi
Sags feel called to travel the world, making something exotic, like a Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwich, their perfect foil.

Capricorn: Lobster Roll
A sucker for status symbols, Capricorn has an appetite for luxury that would be best fulfilled by a pricey lobster roll. Not to mention, we think this social-ladder-climbing sign would feel right at home among New England blue bloods.

Aquarius: Ice Cream Sandwich
Aquarians play by their own rules, so they're apt to throw sandwich staples, like bread, meat and condiments, right out the window—making this sweet twist their ideal.

Pisces: Fluffernutter
Pisces has a way of imparting a little bit of whimsy on everything they touch. Likewise, this totally inventive sandwich (which, for the uninformed, mashes up marshmallow fluff and peanut butter) encapsulates a Pisces' charm. Bonus: It's just as sweet as they are!

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Image via Robyn Lee via Flickr CC

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