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Do You Need a REAL Makeover?

When we think of a makeover, the first thing that often comes to mind is an exterior transformation like a new hairdo or closet overhaul. But makeovers can take place within as well. In fact, it's healthy to regularly take stock of your core traits and prune the behaviors that are interfering with your personal progress and relationships. Keep reading to find out which qualities might be holding your sign back, so you can become the best version of yourself.

Aries: Control Your Impulses
Energetic and quick to action, Aries live up to their Fire sign qualities. But nonstop activity can be tiring (even for Rams at some point). Slow your roll—take a deep breath or count to 20 before you jump into the fray. This will quiet your mind and give you a chance to think before acting. While uncharacteristic, it's a helpful habit to cultivate.

Taurus: Leave Your Comfort Zone
The Bull is all about routine, but this rigidity can cause Taurus to miss out on all the fun life has to offer. Rather than always sticking to the book, occasionally step outside your comfort zone to sample experiences you typically bypass. You may discover a new hobby, a fresh way of doing things, or an unexpected romance that you would have otherwise overlooked.

Gemini: Tune In to What You Want
Incredibly social, the Twins' own needs can get lost in the mix—so don't forget to take inventory of your own desires. Take a breather from the scene to tap into what you want and need. This may require an atypical moment of vulnerability in order to keep your priorities straight and your mind at ease.

Cancer: Take Down Time Seriously
Crabs can become so busy serving everyone else that they forget to give themselves a break. Before you burn out (or become resentful of the people you're helping), schedule some "me time" to recharge and unwind. This will provide you a reprieve to restore your mind and spirit back into caretaker mode.

Leo: Look Outside Yourself
Because Leos are most comfortable with all eyes on them, it may be useful to focus on others for a change. Volunteer with a local charity or nonprofit in your community. It will get you outside your head and give you a breather from your center-stage lifestyle. Plus, those in need will have a chance to bask in your ever-glowing light.

Virgo: Embrace Imperfection
One of Virgo's central traits is their quest for perfection. Of course, this is inconvenient since perfection is ultimately unattainable. Rather than beat yourself up over your inability to be totally flawless, realize that you are not defined by your mistakes. Instead, concentrate on the ways you've excelled. Besides, maybe some of those so-called "failures" will provide teachable moments and opportunities for growth.

Libra: Practice Saying "No"
The ultimate people pleasers, Libras have a hard time uttering one tiny yet powerful word: No. To keep yourself from becoming overscheduled and overwhelmed, try to practice saying this when you can. Keep in mind that declining social engagements and requests will help you maintain the balance you treasure.

Scorpio: Loosen Up
Ever serious and poised, Scorpions would do well to relax now and again, if only to get out of their heads, which are brimming with emotion and analysis. Let down your hair, shake things up and just hang loose. If anything, removing the stress from your life will open up more mental space to devote to your passions.

Sagittarius: Think, Then Speak
While Sagittarius' habit of opening their mouths without thinking is innocent enough, it could land you into hot water. Although you don't need to turn into Miss Manners, it will do you good to pause before you pipe up to keep yourself from blurting out the first thing that comes to mind.

Capricorn: Check Your Judgment at the Door
Ambitious and determined, Caps are always working their way to the top. But, as the phrase goes, it can be lonely at the top, especially if you've had to watch your back on your way up. Goats can be unforgiving to those who fall short of their lofty standards, so it's important that you try toning down that critical eye.

Aquarius: Recognize When You're Wrong
Inventive Aquarians are super smart—and they kind of know it. Therefore, when people don't agree with them, they can be quick to anger and reluctant to make concessions. Watch your temper in these situations, and realize that while you may be in the right, you don't need to be forceful to prove it. Calmly explain your rationale and lead by example. That way, other people will be more likely to come around—on their own.

Pisces: Don't Take Things So Personally
Pisces are like sponges for others' emotions. While being sensitive is great, it can also result in hurt feelings when it involves internalizing a perceived insult or slight. Over time, this can even be self-destructive. Realize that most of what people say is not a slight against you, and work on letting unkind words roll off your back.

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