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5 Managers You Need to Manage

Ideally, a boss should dole out recognition where it's due and offer the guidance their employees need to join them at the top. Unfortunately, many real-life supervisors often fall short of this dream. And some managers have an astrological sign that makes them especially frustrating to work under. Take these signs, for example.

An Aries manager is notoriously difficult to please. Rams have a specific vision of how things should turn out, and if you fall short, they're not inclined to be forgiving. Because they don't tend to tolerate deviation from their intended path, you may feel that you're working within tight constraints. Make sure you clarify what they're asking of you and adhere to their prescribed instructions, so you can give them exactly what they want.

Crave focus at work? You're out of luck if Gemini is your fearless leader. These managers are scattered, to say the least. Their rapid speaking and even more rapidly changing minds can make your head spin. With a Gemini in the captain's seat, you will need to become a master multitasker to keep up. It will behoove you to be able to shift gears and change direction at a moment's notice. Don't worry about what's behind you. Stay in the now and you'll get by.

Holy micromanagement! Virgo's perfectionism causes them to look over everyone's shoulders to make sure their employees meet their high standards. As a result, they tend to suck all the fun out of the work environment. Ease the tension between yourself and your Virgo boss by keeping all your ducks in a row. If Virgo feels you are completely competent, they will eventually relax and give you some freedom.

Authoritarian Capricorn has very strict rules and guidelines that you'll need to follow. Punctuality, dress codes and performance goals are paramount for Cap bosses. They're quick to swat down anything that damages the image of the working environment they've created. In order to survive a Capricorn regime, you need to recognize that they feel like everything reflects on them personally. If you slack off, they internalize it. So mind your Ps and Qs (and definitely don't be late).

Though they're not apt to rule with an iron fist, Pisces can make equally challenging supervisors, thanks to their flakiness. They may expect you to be a mind reader, while at the same time avoiding the issues that they feel need to be addressed. Your move? Go with the flow. You'll have to get used to a non-linear work environment where emotional happenings sometimes outweigh practical concerns. Brace yourself for changing moods and wait for Pisces to come back around—they always do.

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