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Who Is Your Zodiac Frenemy?

Ever wonder why you platonically click with some people, but not others? Well, just as our signs can reveal fraught romantic pairings, so too can the stars forecast friendship combinations that are bound for trouble. Here's our guide to some common frenemy duos, to help you make sense of the tensest relationships in your life.

Virgo + Sagittarius
This pairing is a common source of mutual irritation, according to astrologer Ally Mead, author of Searching for Sassy: An L.A. Phone Psychic's Tales of Life, Lust & Love. "Adventure, which is practically Sag's middle name, is the source of the conflict and drama," she says. "Though a Sagittarius native will try to get along with everyone, Virgos may find Sag's endless quests for self-knowledge a little wasteful and childish. The end result is a friendship filled with friction and bubbling tensions."

Taurus + Gemini
When you put a Fixed sign and a Mutable sign together, you're kind of asking for trouble. "The Taurus friend will most likely value peace, stability, patience and all that is steadfast in life, while the Gemini is attuned towards change, excitement and trying new things," astrologer Andrea Gehrz explains. The Twins may tire of Taurus' steadiness, thinking them stubborn. Alternatively, a Bull might see changeable Gemini as a fair-weather friend.

Libra + Aquarius
Oddly enough, two signs that share the same element may end up driving each other crazy, says zodiac expert Alexandra Chauran. "The parts of ourselves that are too intense become things that we hate the most in others." For Air signs Libra and Aquarius, this can manifest in a friendship that's "fraught with gossip and ideological disagreements," Chauran explains. Two Air signs may just be too flighty to form a lasting friendship.

Cancer + Sagittarius
These two signs have vastly different values, making a true friendship difficult. "Cancers tend to feel comfortable around home, family and the familiar," Gehrz explains. "Sagittarians thrive on new stimulation. They covet traveling, freedom and adventure." Although these signs may be entertained by each other's differences at first, she says that Archers may feel tethered down by their Crab pals, and sensitive Cancers may come to resent Sags' need for space and latitude.

You may not click as friends—but do you have romantic potential?

Taurus + Leo
Two Fixed signs tend to forge a rocky friendship because neither party is apt to yield any ground, Mead says. Plus, these signs are socially opposites. "Taurus' Earth element dictates slow, steady growth, creature comforts and security," she explains. "Leo's Fire element requires fun, stimulation and crowds of adoring fans." Taurus' need for stability could make Leo feel trapped, while Leo's lust for life could leave Taurus feeling abandoned.

Virgo + Libra
"Virgos value perfection. They like things to be 'just so,'" Gehrz says. "Libras are wired to get along, often caring more about the needs of the person they are interacting with than their own desires." As a result, Libra may have to bend over backwards to accommodate Virgo's frequent critiques, making the friendship feel like a burden. Meanwhile, Virgo might tire of constantly apologizing without really understanding what he or she did wrong.

Aries + Capricorn
Who's the boss? Both of these signs want to be in charge, and neither of them are very good sharing power, Mead says. Don't be surprised if the chatter between these two high-achieving signs quickly devolves into endless one-upmanship. Not to mention, Aries' bombastic energy could clash with Capricorn's conservative nature.

Scorpio + Aquarius
Though these two may initially find one another fascinating, their friendship may ultimately be doomed, says Lisa Barretta, who has worked as an astrologer for more than 35 years. "Aquarians are very independent and like being in groups and socializing, whereas Scorpios prefer exclusive one-on-one relationships," she says. "Scorpios end up resenting that they have to share a prized pal with an Aquarian's eclectic group of friends."

Pisces + Gemini
Sure, these Mutable signs are similarly flexible, fun and imaginative. But as an Air sign, Gemini is cerebral and rational. Pisces, a Water sign, leads with their emotions. "Gemini's highly verbal nature means they need to think and talk a lot, and this may grate on Pisces' nerves," Mead says. "After all, why say 100 words, when one well-placed Ommmm will do just as well, if not better?"

Pisces + Pisces
"Not all fish swim in the same school," Baretta says. "Pisces are extremely sensitive. They like to escape reality and may easily become each other's favorite drinking buddy." But after three martinis, trouble could surface. Pisces' huge imagination could give way to paranoia, as the Fish start reacting to what they feel the other Pisces is thinking—including perceived slights.

Leo + Scorpio
Comparably regal and authoritative, Leo and Scorpio will often click when they meet, astrologer Maya White says. However, over time, they'll clash like oil and water. Leos assume they're entitled to admiring minions, while Scorpios must be in command of power. "Neither sign can fully bow to the other and thus the wars begin," she explains.

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