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6 Things to Know About Dating a Gemini

Geminis have a reputation for being two (or more) people in one. Although you won't have to book three seats for your dates, before you court a Gemini, you should know that they can be complex. Here's how to stay on your toes with this quick-minded sign of Mercury.

Roll with the punches.
Gemini loves to change things up. If you come to your date armed with a minute-by-minute itinerary, you're in for a rude awakening. It's not that a Gemini doesn't appreciate your detailed agenda; it's just that their quick minds demand that they live in the moment. Always have a plan B and C on deck. Your date will like having multiple options.

Lay down the law about multitasking.
Most Geminis live in fear of one thing: boredom. As a result, they're gifted multitaskers, so when you're watching TV, don't be disheartened if your Gemini is simultaneously solving a crossword puzzle, tweeting and texting. In fact, you might be amazed at their ability to rattle off the show's major plot points despite seeming so distracted. But if these habits bug you, talk to your Gemini partner early on about the level of attention you expect.

Keep the lines of communication open.
When you're dealing with a child of Mercury, communication is paramount. They live to share and receive information. If you withhold intelligence, even unintentionally, you might as well suck all the air out of the room. You don't have to turn into a total motor mouth, but when something is on your mind, let it out. Geminis have a high tolerance for the random, so you don't have to make perfect sense all the time. Just don't lie about not having anything to say when there's something on the tip of your tongue—Gemini has little patience for that.

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Stay young at heart.
You may have noticed that lots of Geminis look like they've found the fountain of youth (case in point: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Naomi Campbell). Their secret? They're forever adaptable, audacious and youthful in spirit. Don't feel silly about dressing up to attend a fancy ball where you don't know anybody or heading to the playground at midnight to swing in the moonlight. Gemini will identify with your zest for life!

Be playful… but don't play games.
Geminis admire banter, wit and having a good time. However, don't use their playfulness as an excuse to be emotionally insensitive. In fact, Geminis often have strong feelings on certain topics, and when upset, they may become stubborn and sharp-tongued. Although a Gemini's mind can be quicker than his or her heart, that heart can still feel deeply and strongly, if only for the adventure of feeling loved and appreciated.

Don't call them two-faced!
Unlike many of us, Geminis aren't afraid to change their minds—especially when presented with new facts. And they tend to take things at face value without imbuing them with too much emotion. For instance, you might think it's shady for your Gemini to go out with someone else after your casual-yet-sensational first date, while your Gemini is just taking advantage of not yet being officially attached. Instead of trying to figure out your Gemini like a puzzle, try to embrace their many sides. The payoff? A fun and wild ride. Find out if your Gemini love interest is THE ONE with a personalized, in-depth Love Match Report!

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