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5 Zodiac Signs That Party Hardest

The next time you're out and spot a fellow partygoer getting after it, you can rightly assume it's one of these five signs. While their social styles differ, these movers and shakers make any gathering a little more interesting.

The party ain't a party until Sagittarius walks in. This sign is predisposed to being super social. You can always count on them to get a crowd going. "Fire signs in general are extroverted, but Sagittarians in particular like dancing," says astrologer Mystic Medusa. "They enjoy regaling strangers with outrageous anecdotes and dressing up in costumes." Theme party, anyone?

Don't be surprised if you see the regal Lion holding court at your next get-together. "Leos like to be seen and admired," Medusa says. They'll leap at any opportunity to show off their fabulousness, get dolled up and go all out with their wardrobe. Making an "entrance" brings them the ultimate joy.

While Pisces are certainly more introverted than Sags and Leos, they're known for their addictive personalities, which means they're not opposed to tying one on. Fish are down to accept spur-of-the-moment party invites or accompany you to Burning Man on the fly. And with their gift for befriending outsiders and loners, they have their own way of working a room.

Aries look at parties, like they do most things in life, as things to be conquered, Medusa says. You'll see them running the beer pong table or championing other drinking contests to show off. In addition, Aries are innately outgoing. Not the type to stick with one core group of friends, they have a range of pals, and with that comes a flood of invites they simply can't reject.

As the sign of groups and associations, Aquarius thrives around other people. In fact, they're drawn to parties because "they like to experience humanity on a grand scale," Medusa explains. They are happiest spending the night chatting up fellow partiers—who, of course, flock to ever-engaging Water Bearers.

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