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Find Your Dream Job

For better or worse, work plays a big part in our overall happiness. In other words, the pressure is on to find a career that's a good fit for your passions as well as your talents. Fortunately, your Sun sign—one significant expression of your individual identity—as well as your rising sign and midheaven can help point you to a job that speaks to who you really are.

Aries are notoriously bad at taking orders from others. It's possible for them to align their immense creativity with someone else's vision…but they would rather not. Rams are happiest at the helm of a company, or better yet, self-employed. Rams should consider a career in coaching, marketing or sales—anyplace they can be their own bosses and inspire people with their positivity.

Taurus' ideal profession involves taking care of things of value. Sure, they're known to be good with money, but finance is only one option. This sign may be able to carve out a niche in fashion, art, food, wine or design. If it delights the senses, Taurus will love it.

The zodiac's reigning word whiz, Gemini constantly needs to communicate. They'll excel in anything that has to do with language—written or spoken—and will especially shine when they can put their wit to work (even if it's just to get a few chuckles in the conference room). We think the Twins make natural teachers, journalists or advertising copywriters.

Work that involves the home or hospitality is perfect for domestically inclined Cancer. Home is truly where Cancer's heart is, and Crabs are at their best when they can make other people feel comfortable. This sign will likely thrive in professions that involve cooking, gardening, real estate, antiques or interior design.

Armed with rock star-level energy, Leo belongs in the spotlight! Plenty of Lions would love nothing more than to take center stage—as actors, dancers, musicians or models. Others might be just as content in another career that puts all eyes on them. Becoming a trial attorney, politician or college professor should quench this sign's thirst for attention.

This detail-oriented sign prefers professions where they can flex their razor-sharp analytical prowess. They'll probably stand out as surgeons, accountants or systems analysts. However, Virgos are just as drawn to serving others—especially in the health realm—making careers in personal training and dentistry equally rewarding for them.

You don't need to remind Libra that there are two sides to every story—this sign inherently has an impartial eye. Libra's commitment to harmony makes them skillful arbiters. They should consider going pro in mediation, counseling, human resources or law. If they want to get personal, they should try their hand at couples counseling (after all, this is the sign of partnerships).

Scorpio loves to dig into secret, private worlds—places where other people fear to go. To satisfy their intensity, investigative skills and, let's face it, dark side, they should try working as a private investigator, detective, surgeon or mortician. And because they crave power, they'll probably also flourish in politics.

Always seeking adventure, free-spirited Sagittarius natives would love to find a job that involves travel. But if a jet-setting gig as a travel agent, roving reporter or anthropologist doesn't work out, they'd be content in a career that appeals to their love for higher learning and spirituality. Law, teaching, publishing or even yoga may all give Sagittarius the space they need to explore lofty ideas.

Capricorns have a reputation for being the workaholics of the zodiac, and true, they're some of the most ambitious and dedicated folks around. However, more than their jobs, they love what their job says about them. With that, this sign is probably happiest in prestige positions, such as in finance, medicine, engineering or real estate.

Humanitarians to the core, Aquarians just want to make the world a better place. They've got high ideals and an affinity for the human race, making community outreach their ultimate vocation. Aquarians should feel right at home working for a nonprofit, political activist group or socially minded lobbying firm.

This intuitive and empathetic sign feels the pain of the world and intends to heal some of it. No sign is a better listener or better able to express emotional complexity, which makes them standouts in fields such as counseling or nursing. At the same time, Pisces' imaginations prime them to be creative geniuses, so acting, art or music may also be a good fit.

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