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6 Things to Know About Dating a Taurus

With love planet Venus as a ruler, Taurus is definitely a catch. However this luxury-loving sign is famously particular and stubborn. Do you need a matador's red cape to handle your Bull? Not quite. But being aware of their quirks can you help you woo this sign.

Go in for the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart).
First order of business: Keep your eccentricities in check. Above all things, Taurus natives appreciate practicality and sensibility. Try not too get too fancy or outlandish early on. Speak plainly, don't overdo it with the romantic gestures and save that avant-garde outfit for another occasion.

Don't rush Taurean greatness.
Taurus loves to luxuriate in the sensuality of the world. They put a lot of thought into what they do, from how the insides of their shoes feel to how the pattern of a certain shirt works with the one on their pairs of pants. This of course takes time. A disciplined Taurus will budget accordingly in order to be punctual. However, a less conscientious type might need a few extra minutes. You either have to stay flexible or leave plenty of time to arrive at your destination—but please don't hurry the Bulls. They'll only go slower, not necessarily to spite you, but because you've now distracted them from their groove.

Prioritize comfort and quality.
Picture this: You book concert tickets to see a band that you and your Bull boo adore. In the process, you're more excited about snagging the tickets than worrying about the seats or sight lines. This is a mistake. Your Taurus won't have a good time if the seats are hard and lumpy or if you need binoculars to see the band. Sure, it's the thought that counts, but your attention to your date's comfort will go a long way to impress your Taurus.

Be reliable.
Steady and true, this sign wants to know you're the same. Follow through on your promises and you'll have a happy Taurus on your hands. And if you and your "bullheaded" date disagree, be consistent in your stance. Changing your position or backpedaling won't earn respect from this sign.

Don't make 'em angry. (You won't like 'em when they're angry.)
Remember The Incredible Hulk? That should give you an idea of what Taurus is like in anger mode. Most Taurus natives are slow to boil, but once they're piping hot, you have to give them space to simmer down or they will not relent. Like their hooved, horn-bearing symbol, they need to chew on things over time—so let them. And don't fan the flames with demands. They'll calmly open up when they're ready.

Remember: High maintenance yields high quality.
Okay, some Bulls take a lot of work and patience to win over, but it's worth it. A Taurus will not only be true, but you can count on their great taste to inspire the absolute best from of you. Find out if your Taurus boo is THE ONE with a personalized, in-depth Love Match Report!

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