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4 Most Promiscuous Zodiac Signs

For some people, variety really is the spice of life—especially in the bedroom. Take these four frisky signs, for example. When it comes to their lovers, they find quality in quantity. However, this doesn't necessarily make them cheaters or even commitment-phobes. Keep reading to find out what makes these members of the zodiac most likely to partake in sexual sampling.

Famous for their two faces, Gemini natives thrive on having options—with all things in their lives. They want to know a little bit about everything, and if they have to rack up partners to expand their sexual knowledge, so be it! Just know that Gemini's exploits aren't wasted: They're constantly taking note of fun new ways to satisfy their mates.

When your ruler is half horse, there is no way your libido is going to be tame. The zodiac's chief wild child, Sagittarius loves to run free, try everything once and pursue all of their of passions, no matter how wide-ranging they might be. Because of this, they tend to keep a variety of choices on speed dial for spur-of-the-moment booty calls.

Pisces live for escape and may find sex to be an easy outlet. But more than that, Pisces is prone to chasing fairy tales. This sign tends to kiss a lot of frogs in their search for a prince or princess. For that reason, their promiscuity says more about Pisces' unflinching optimism for romance than their appetite for sex.

This list would, of course, be incomplete without a mention of Scorpio, the sign that represents sex. Interestingly, Scorpios can go either way. They'll either proudly accrue conquests or be totally single-minded. Regardless, sex rules a large part of their mental curiosities, so they may look at amassing sexual experiences as a bit of a sport. Test the passion potential in your relationship with a personalized, in-depth Love Match Report.

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