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4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Commit

Tired of flings and the three-date wonders that you meet online? If you're looking for a relationship that's built to last, astrological wisdom can point you to partners known for their long-term leanings. Many factors come into play when choosing a mate who can go the distance, like one-on-one love compatibility. But, there are some signs known for craving security, romance, partnership and a legacy, all of which put them on the path of "traditional" commitment.

Stability-loving Earth signs and emotionally driven Water signs often top the list of serious suitors. Of these signs, security-minded Cancer may be the most interested in a love affair that has legs. Male or female, Cancers are the archetypal homemakers of the zodiac, craving intimacy and cherishing the chance to build memories and a family history over time. Though, be warned: once a gun-shy Cancers come out of their shells, they can be quick to fall—and do not want to let go, especially after they've invested their time and TLC. You might want to pause for a few seconds before you dive in with this sign.

Second runner-up goes to Scorpio, among the most intense signs of the zodiac. While not easy to snag—this sign needs to investigate potential mates thoroughly before signing on to a relationship—Scorpios take their bonds seriously. And once in love, Scorpios get a little, ahem, possessive. Don't worry though. A well-adjusted Scorpio is a master at keeping emotional impulses—good and bad—under control.

When it comes to Earth signs, Taurus may be the safest bet. Like Cancer, they love security. They also tend to be concerned with wealth, which is something that's much easier to build with a stable, supportive other half on deck. And, a bonus for like-minded partners, life at home with a Bull is all about mixing luxury and comfort, creating a true sanctuary from the chaos of life.

Career-obsessed Capricorns aren't far behind with their love of both tradition and legacy building. However, due to their focus on work, they often wait until they're a bit older to settle, once they feel legitimized by their job title, investments and a suitable address in the right neighborhood. Similar to Taurus, change is not this Earth sign's bag, another incentive for them to stick it out in a relationship.

But fairy-tale endings aren't the exclusive domain of Earth and Water signs. While Fire signs get a bad rap for being high drama, Leos are fiercely loyal and family-oriented, and Aries, after an initial player period, often gives in to a secret fondness for home life that can keep this independent sign anchored. They can contribute a lot of spirit and "fight" to keeping a relationship or family together. As for inconsistent Air signs, Libra is still the sign of marriage and looks for an equitable partnership while Gemini, symbolized by the Twins, is thought to forever be in search of their missing counterpart, with whom they'd love a meeting of the minds and a cozy relationship. .

Remember, it's best to look at someone's full birth chart to suss out potential relationship styles, as many factors—their Moon, Venus and Rising signs, for example—can round out his or her approach to long-term romantic bonds. Find out if you and your love interest are built to last. Discover your relationship's strengths, challenges and sexual chemistry in your Love Match Report.

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