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12 Tips for Hotter Sex

Even the most passionate couples fall into a bedroom rut every now and then. Luckily, getting out of one is easy—you just have to be a little creative. Using each sign's core characteristics as a guide, we've found the ideal way to crank the heat between the sheets. Check out your sign's tip for spicing things up then combine with your partner's for double the pleasure.

Aries: Bondage
Because Rams tend to run the show in their relationships, you could reverse the roles and allow your partner to take charge. Being the conquest instead of the conqueror for a change could be quite the thrill.

Taurus: Boudoir Makeover
Think: satin sheets, sumptuous pillows and dainty lingerie. Deck yourself and your bedroom out in sexy accoutrements to prime yourself for pleasure. Even better, wearing your sexiest panties—and maybe even a garter belt and stockings—throughout the day will remind you of the nighttime fun that awaits you.

Gemini: Sexting
Tech-savvy Twins are whizzes on electronic devices—and oh-so-charming, too. Stoke your partner's desire by sending them steamy messages that will leave your lover wanting more. Who knows, maybe they'll return the favor!

Cancer: Edible Props
Often culinary mavens, Cancer natives tend to know their way around a kitchen, so you might relish spreading body chocolate on your partner or modeling underwear made from candy.

Leo: Role Play
Put your natural flair for the dramatic to good use by playing sexy secretary, hot handyman or whatever else tickles your fancy in your very own one-man show.

Virgo: Al-Fresco Sex
As an Earth sign, Virgos are drawn to fresh air. For you, there's no better way to infuse some excitement into your sex life than by taking it al fresco—somewhere you won't get caught, of course.

Libra: Tantra
Libra natives crave balance and harmony, which is why the synchronous practice of tantric sex is an ideal way to perk up your between-the-sheets sessions.

Scorpio: Blindfold
Because Scorpios like to plunge deeply into all things, we bet you'll enjoy heightening your other senses during lovemaking by cutting off your sight. Plus, you're so used to being in control, this will give you a chance to ride on the passenger side for a change.

Sagittarius: Spontaneous Sex
Not much for typical romantic gestures, on-the-go Sags may crave a completely unprompted, unscheduled tryst. Try scheduling dessert before dinner (you know what we mean).

Capricorn: Change of Scenery
Committed Caps tend to wear the pants in their relationships, so switch things up by asking your lover to surprise you with a sexy rendezvous in a secret (to you) location.

Aquarius: Sex Toys
Test-driving the latest erotic gadget should appeal to this quirky, forward-looking sign. Playing with new props and toys may make you to feel like you're on the forefront of sexual exploration.

Pisces : Water Sex
Dreamy Pisces natives feel most alive when connected to water, so an aquatic love session—whether in the ocean or your own bathtub—is apt to make you flip your fins in delight.

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