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Can Astrology Get You a Better Job?

Are you head over heels for your current gig? If you're like most Americans, the answer is probably no. A 2013 Gallup report found only a measly 13 percent of workers feel engaged with their jobs.

Fortunately, astrology might be able to put you on the path to a more satisfying career. Certain parts of your birth chart reveal information about your ideal vocation, natural working style and ways you're most likely to make money. Together, these points of interest may direct you to a profession that lines up with your passions and abilities—and pays the bills.

To get some clarity on your calling, you'll want to focus on the second, sixth and 10th houses in your natal chart. (Learn how to get a free natal report and birth chart). These three houses are associated with the Earth element. They connect us to our practical sides and reflect how we seek security and serve others. Whether you're looking to affirm your current career path or find a new one, they can provide valuable wisdom. Let's take a closer look at these houses to find out exactly what they can tell you.

10thHouse and Midheaven: Your Professional Destiny
When it comes to your career, the 10th house is the best place to start gathering info. In particular, you'll want to look at the cusp of the 10th house (located at 12 o'clock, in the very top of your chart), which is a vital point called the midheaven or "MC." The sign on your midheaven rules your 10th house and can offer clues about the best type of profession for you. For example, if Aries is on your midheaven, then you may want to explore self-employment because Aries are entrepreneurial and independent. Similarly, a Gemini midheaven may indicate that your ultimate profession involves words or communication.

You'll want to continually look at how the transiting planets aspect your midheaven. A positive relationship between transiting planets and the midheaven, such as a conjunction, trine or sextile, may flag opportune times to take on more responsibility, ask for a raise or look for a job that better satisfies your overall needs. (Keep track of important transits with a personalized transit report.) Of course, you'll also want to peek inside your 10th house. Having natal planets in your 10th house indicates that your career is generally a point of focus in your life. Again, keep an eye out for how transiting planets interact with any planets in your 10th house. Harmonious aspects could signal career opportunities.

Sixth House: Your Work Style
Next, look at your sixth house, which governs our day-to-day routines. This house may be able to tell you how you approach your job and what style of work suits you best. Someone with Virgo on the sixth house cusp might be very detail-oriented at work, while a person with Pisces on the sixth house cusp will probably thrive in a more free-flowing environment.

Second House: Your Moneymaking Skills
Finally, direct your attention to the sign on the cusp of your second house. Because the second house is concerned with money, it's not directly about your job, but it may tell you something about the way you're most likely to make money. If someone has Aquarius on the second house cusp they might make money as part of a team or larger association. Likewise, if Cancer is on your second house cusp, your route to earning might be through working with children or some other act of nurturing.

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